Rab’s World: Olympic Comedown

by singletrackjon 3

Our roving racing correspondent, Rab Wardell of Alpine Bikes Racing, returns with his thoughts on what’s been a busy month for racing on the world stage…

Well, the year is really flying by. The British Cycling Cross Country series should have been wrapped up by now but with the final race being rescheduled due to a flooded venue at the end of July (don’t get me started…) we have been gifted another month of racing. Well, everyone except for me. Unfortunately, this final round of the British Cycling Cross Country series has been rescheduled right slap bang when I’m ‘hitting the trail’ with Dirt School and making a coaching road trip around parts of the British Isles. I’m disappointed that I’m not going to be able to make the trip to Essex to race as a top 5 overall was possible with a good result, and I could hopefully take some more UCI points into next years World Cup. As old blue eyes used to say, that’s life…

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Comments (3)

  1. NIce write up and I really appreciated the sentiment of the last paragraph – good stuff, cheers!

  2. can i just be a little bit pedantic and say the redgrave and pinsent were coxless (titter) and the tiny tearful cox was with the searle brothers (?) i think.

    no rowing fan, bit of an olympics fan.

    you know, soz for being a pedant and shit… great sentiments tho :o)

  3. And what about the BMX?

    Excellent coverage of a truly gladiatorial event…looking forward to Rio.


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