Midweek Mini Movies 106

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Cometh the hour, cometh the lunchbreak. We’ve trawled our way through the tasteful bits of the internet to bring you our usual selection of midweek distraction..

Fabien Barel returns with the second part of his series visiting various riders across the world. In this video he went to Andorra to see Cedric Gracia. Seeing CG riding prior to his crash combined with the fact is the only time the pair have ridden together outside of competition make it rather poignant…

Summer evenings are the perfect time to poach a bit of after work riding and escape from it all. Dave Balshaw has done exactly that and sent us this rather nice self-filmed video of him riding his local secret bits and bobs in the Lakes. Web boy Jon approves of his bike colour choice.

Welcome to the skillz section – here is the self-same Fabien Barel teaching schmucks like you or I how to jump. Looks easy, especially the bit where he launches himself directly into the apex of a corner. We can see us doing that – into the trees on either side…

If trials is more your thing, then Martyn Ashton of Bike Riders United is your man for the knowledge. Rockwalk drop-off? Simple. Is there anyone that started riding in the late 90’s that didn’t learn to do wheelies and endos from him?

This preview for a new web-series from Santa Cruz Bikes looks like it’ll be rather good. It’s a behind the scenes look at the Santa Cruz headquarters and the people that work there. For a start it’s been shot by Gary Perkin so it looks stunning…

It’s not all been torrential rain all summer (OK, it has, but not absolutely all the time…) and the Ritchey Bristol Bikefest 2012 looked like a right laugh this year, despite some soggy camping. However almost 1800 riders enjoyed the Bikefest typical atmosphere, course and general set-up. The organisers say “the 2012 event will go down in Bikefest history as the one where the weather almost got us.”

It appears that it’s the time of year for you, the lovely Singletrack readership, to be off on your holidays. First up we’ve got the Northerners of the Valley riding some hideously hard looking stuff in a different valley, namely Chamonix. It’s drier than home.

Warning: Don’t press play if you’d blush at the language used at a Bradley Wiggins press conference. There’s quite a lot of swearing going on here and we don’t condone that sort of thing.

And now some dusty Alpine trails from the MTB Berkhamsted lot. They’re not smug about it at all. Nooo….

Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle returns with his thirteenth video blog. He’s been doing his usual coaching plus a little bit of mechnical modification to his Transition to let it run an air shock in the full travel setting. Yes, we are aware we’ve missed a few, but that was due to a disturbance in the Force, honest.


Here’s Jon from Fenwicks demonstrating how to clean your bike properly. He doesn’t give away the secret technique for getting the tiny flakes from moth wings into their Stealth lube which is a shame…

A bit of motorised ‘hooning’ now. Here’s Ken Block playing around San Francisco on some eerily empty streets. What tyres for going sideways up California Street?

Big thanks to everyone that sent in links this week. If you’ve got something you reckon should be up here then fire it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll take a look…

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