Presscamp: Camelbak 2013

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We did see some of the new 2013 CamelBak stuff at the Fort William race, as covered here but this has been our first chance to see the whole new ling all together. For the 2013 season, the whole CamelBak line has been redesigned, with new colours and materials, new back padding and new little fiddly bits like the helmet retention straps.

Camelbak's bottles are unchanged for 2013, though there is a new UV dispensing water purifying one.


Just some of the new packs from Camelbak. From the Volt lumbar pack to the MULE NV, they've all been redesigned.


Regular MULE on the bottom layer. New, very ventilated back MULE NV up top


Women's LUXE packs get new features and colours.





This is the new 3litre lumbar Antidote bladder found in the Volt lumbar pack.


Pack unzips next to your back to reveal the reservoir.


The XV ventilated back is actually the lesser vented of the two new designs.




The Volt lumbar pack up close. Lots of storage, plus a back that carries the weight low round your hips


The 2l Charge lumbar pack



More new ventilation for the lumbar packs


Three of the new MULE colours. Comes in black too.


Lots of adjustable cargo space.


The new MULE NV will also get a 'Euro-style' waterproof cover in a zipped garage.




All new bike packs get these neat helmet retention straps for carrying a helmet when not on the bike.




More great women's colours. Left is the 2litre lumbar pack.


Vented back. Plus the LUXE packs get fleecy edged straps.


It's a women's colour pack apparently. Expect these to appear in photoshoots on boys too regardless. It's a great colour


And that’s a few of the many colours and packs coming from Camelbak for 2013. Officially they’re released in January 2013, but we’ll let you know what importers Zyro say about dates and deliveries.



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  1. The Camelbak bottles are great. Unfortunately lots of other people think so too and I’ve had two stolen from me!

  2. The MULE looks much bigger in those photos, more like a HAWG?

  3. The MULE is something like 12L capacity plus the 3L bladder. They were all artistically stuffed to look full too.

  4. Anyone know Will those lumbar bladders be sold seperately and will they fit in a wingnut hyper?
    I do hope so, then I’ll have the perfect bag

  5. Chipps – shouldn’t you be in a field in Eastnor rather than answering Qs on here 😉

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