Presscamp: Lazer Helmets at the movies

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Lazer helmets has introduced a special new version of its Oasiz mountain bike helmet in a vibrant, fluorescent yellow. The Oasiz features Lazer’s Roll-Sys tightness control, that you can access from the top of the helmet, even when it’s on, to tighten or loosen the fit. The rear head cradle assembly can move up and down too to adjust to different head shapes.


It's certainly bright!

As well as the zany colour, this special version in Flash Yellow, also includes an integral GoPro mount. It’s securely bolted to the top of the helmet so should keep your cinematography shots nice and stable. If you like the colour, but don’t have a GoPro, then there’s a blank plate also in the box to let you swap it out.

Good rear of head protection, and a wing if you go that fast.


GoPro mount, with Roll-Sys adjuster right behind it.



Lazer has a good range of glasses out now and something that caught our eye was the Electron EC-1 fixed lens piece. It comes in a ‘British Summer’ photochromic lens that starts nearly clear and will go to a good dark grey in the sun, when we get it.

Ideal for 'Belgian sunlight' conditions

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  1. The fitting on top almost looks like a Captain Scarlet Angel fighter too!

  2. Available this year or next year? Interested in the glasses if the price is the right side of Oakley.

  3. Hey I use Oakley but even I will say, few do the “wrong” side of Oakley prices (Assos anyone). Well for sports glasses anyway.

  4. I thought it looked more like an old Klingon Warbird.

  5. Definitely Klingon warbrd! Good call.

  6. Wassup with those helmets having those silly wings?
    I’m a sucker for looks as long as they’re somehow justifiable.

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