TSG Introduces VEP

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Swiss action sports protection brand TSG uses new visco-elastic material for bike soft protectors

Soft is the new hard; however, just jumping on the bandwagon would have been too easy for TSG. Instead, the Swiss protection gear brand aimed at combining the benefits of soft materials with the ones of hard materials. TSG’s brandnew VEP line offers a super accurate fit with supreme wearing comfort, outstanding damping capabilities and great flexiblity, while providing reliable protection against penetrating objects.

TSG uses the new VEP material for its knee and elbow soft protectors of the current spring 2012 collection. Profiting from the new material technology are the Nose Dive Timo, 2nd Skins, Kneeguard Task, Kneeguard Slim, and Frag Shirt Advanced.

Soft and pre-shaped 3D protection pads adapt to the wearer’s body features and anatomy through body heat, and they don’t slip either. This is achieved through TSG’s famous horseshoe shape, which entirely wraps the upper elbows and knees.

Here’s Sam Pilgrim explaining things, looking very natural and smacking foam with a steel ball.

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    How breathable is Visco foam? I know the mattresses and pillows can be very hot and sweaty as the foam is dense and not very breathable. a good idea though.

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