Midweek Mini Movies 97

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Whoop!  It’s Wednesday, middle of the week and also middle of working day. Just two and half more days of your employers time to waste and you’re free to pedal your management workload into the loam, but we’re here to keep you going in the meantime.

These guys probably aren’t really post beer ride types – turbo trainers, dumb bells and power! Arthur Gaillot, Chris Johnston and Dylan Wolsky joined together to create “The Nomads”, a team looking to take on enduro event world-wide. The vid is shot by that Dan Barham chappy along with a certain Seb Kemp.

He’s eight years old. That’s all.

However you choose to label your riding style, from All-Mountain, to Over-Mountain to On -Mountain, Rocky Mountain riders Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham have decided to throw a spanner into the works by deciding to call this plain old cross country. Makes any XC race course we’ve seen look a bit soft…

It seems that gravity riders on little bikes is a video format that works exceptionally well – here’s another, with living legend Nico ragging his Lapierre X-Flow around his local trails.


It’s hard to imagine a) how much self hatred b) bloody mindedness and c) hard as nails suffering it’d take to do this. Some of the hardest riders we know have had a very hard time riding the Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge. It takes in 112 miles of the hardest riding the Lakes has to offer, so doing ten ‘Freds’ in ten days is in a league of it’s own…

Feel good slomo loam shredding time, with a little ripper dipper teaser featuring Kevin Landry from ‘You Like This’…

Back to the UK with Crawford Carrick-Anderson slip sliding round the Tweed Valley.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia looks nice this time of year. Bit like the Alps mixed with Saddleworth Moor.

The boys from Twelve50 Bikes near the lovely woods of Delamere are quite pleased to have a Yeti SB66 to bounce about on – so pleased they made a video…

Welcome to the World’s First offroad double backflip from Paul Basagoitia, via a fair amount of face plants and a prog rock Rage Against the Machine cover…

Thanks to everyone that sent in videos this week – if you’ve got any suggestions then fire them over to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com


We almost forgot this, and that would have been a tragedy. Purveyors of high quality home tat decor The Bradford Exchange have got this lovely Wolf Wall Art Decor, which brings a touch of the wild to every home. Still, it makes more sense than the Barack Obama Collectible Baby Doll.

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