Fresh Goods Friday 161

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It’s Friday! And even though it’s a bank holiday we’re still beavering away in the office to bring you pleasure…

…er actually no, that’s a lie. We wrote this yesterday and gave it to the robot to post. We’re out riding in the spring sunshine, we hope you are too! Happy long weekend folks. Here’s Fresh Goods.

On-One Inbred X5 29in bike

Brant “always on the phone” Richards dropped off a shiny new on-One Inbred X5 29 today and kindly brought the sunshine with him. It’s destined for a ‘sensibly priced 29in hardtails’ test in issue 75, so we’ll give you just the basics here:
– ‘proper’ Inbred frame with ISCG05 tabs and rack mounts, in Benji’s Teal
– RockShox Recon Silver 100mm bouncers
– SRAM X5 going-gear
– Avid Elixir 1 stopping-gear
– Truvativ triple chainset, bar and stem
– X7 hubs/On-One 24mm rims/On-One Smorgasbord tyres
– FSA headset
– On-One saddle, seatpost and seatclamp
– proudly finished off in Yorkshire.

It’s the first one available in the UK so we’re going to get our most big-wheel-averse tester out on it over the weekend and see if they come back a convert. Sadly he won’t let us reveal his identity. Eh, Mark?

Price: £799.00 full build
From: On-One,

Thule roof racks:

891 Slide Bar  £184.99
591 Proride £92.50
561 Outride 561 £102.50

The sun has been shining, that means we’ve been riding more and even driving to the trails on occassion (gasp!). Mark’s got some new roofbars from Thule – look out for a review in issue 74.

From: Madison,

Vaude Gravit jacket

Nice summerweight windproof jacket from Vaude. Two pockets, a cosy hood, nicely cut, and proudly possessing Vaude’s ‘Greenshape’ label for ecologically friendly manufacture: which means it’s “made of at least 90% organic cotton or recycled materials, colored using the eco-friendly VAUDE ecolour dyeing process or made to conform to the world’s most stringent textile standard bluesign®”.

Comes in your choice of primary school anorak colours. Sim likes this John Deere tractor version a lot, as you can probably tell.

Price: £125.00
From: Vaude UK,

Hackney GT jerseys

Sim might be a designer with a penchant for crayon-coloured trainers, but he is not from London. These jerseys are. He doesn’t get it. Hackney GT is the product of rider-turned-designer Russ Jones, who (like the rest of us) is letting cycling take over his life.

Price: £59.95 each
From: Hackney GT,

Vaude Craggy Pants

Somebody’s written ‘Plaid – dead by year end’ on the whiteboard in the office. If these shorts are anything to go by though, that isn’t going to happen. Yes, you have to be a certain type of person to wear a chequerboard on your arse but these look like a nice, lighter weight summer baggy. As usual though, Matt’s taken it personally that they only do the pink, green and white version in girl’s sizes. Sigh.

Price: £90.00
From: Vaude UK,

Endura Downhill shorts

Rough and tumble shorts from Endura for a spot of summertime ‘playing out’. Tough ‘Oxford Canvas’, a nice stretchy arse and just enough pockets (ie. one for your phone and one for your ice cream money). Bring back the sun. We’re ready.

Price: £59.99
From: Endura,

Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes

Flat pedal shoes from FiveTen. Sticky rubber, low cut, nice colour.

Price: £81.99
From: Big Stone,

Charge Splashback 26×2.1in tyre

Retro rubber fashion from Charge. These are Matt’s favourite tyres but he’s selflessly agreed to donate them to Chipps for his next ‘long distance mountain bike event where weather and terrain are inevitably variable’. Er, that’ll be all of them, then.

Price: £32.99
From: Cycling Sports Group,

DFender mudguard

Hot on the heels of the front page news story furore, here’s one of ‘those’ DFender mudguards fresh from the brain of Chris Porter and pals. We’ll refrain from further comment until we’ve got it on a bike and it’s started raining again, as the proof of the product is in the riding, but it does score 10 out of 10 for presentation. We like a neatly folded box.

Price: £59.99
From: Powa Products,

M:Part Frame Protection Tape

Sim’s got his hands full of sticky stuff.

Price: £16.99 a roll
Frtom: Madison,

Mucky Nutz Butt Fender 1.0

A light, cheap and novel approach to keeping your bum dry. Fits to the underside of your saddle, wards off splashes. Not sure what will happen when you try and slide off the back of the saddle to navigate something steep, though – risk of trebuchet?

Price: £6.90
From: Mucky Nutz,

Vertebrate Graphics West Yorkshire Mountain Biking guidebook

Vertebrate Graphics’ new guidebook to our local trails was written by Benji Haworth, erstwhile and often of this parish. We can’t wait to read it and tell him he’s done all our favourite loops the wrong way around. (Sim’s smiling because he took the cover shot. Jon’s in the cover shot. Fame at last!)

Price: £14.95
From: Vertebrate Graphics,

Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm bar tape

Mmm, sticky bar tape. This is for Chipps, who is ‘training’ for the Fred Whitton by, er, drinking Belgian beer.

Price: £27.99
From: 2pure,

And finally…

Welcome to the newest addition to Singletrack’s extended family. This is six week old Eliza Sophia Leycester Marsh, beautiful daughter of our friends Barney and Celia, and she slept nearly all the way through her first visit to the office this week. We are very proud 🙂

Comments (10)

    I’m with Ming on this one.

    or even Lancashire Lite for a more marketable name.

    comment left on the headtube shot, here too: loving that blue.

    I’m waiting for the “Your mums your sister and your dads you dog” guide to riding in Lancashire.

    Ah yes, Lancashire, the place where people go once they’ve finished riding “proper” trails and need somewhere a little more sedate.

    How much for the baby, it looks sleepier than mine, fancy part x?

    So hoods on MTB jackets. Will someone please shed some light on what is possibly the most useless, and dare I say it, fashion conscious (yeah I want to look like a rad snowboarder shredding the pow) piece of bollox ever. Unless of course you want to use the jacket off the bike too. In which case its fine. streamofconsciousness…..

    So how long long are those M:Part Frame Protection rolls? (I’m too lazy to click the Madison link)

    OK, finally found the energy to to clikc the link and guess what? It doesn’t say how long it is.


    We picked up the West Yorkshire guidebook in Go Outdoors but we both agreed it had the wrong title. West Yorkshire is really being over generous. We suggested Calderdale Moutainbike guide. As it appears that in the process of completing photoshoots for STW you made a guidebook. Other titles include, ‘Where the Staff here live/ride’ guidebook or ‘Rides around the STW office’ guide book. We passed buying it through lack of variety. Sorry, websites have more choice.

    @hepstanton – Nearly all of my riding Jackets have hoods now – I rarely use them while riding but I do like the extra neck coverage they provide – I do pop them up on shi**y day when I stop – and I have rode with them up in really hideous weather (Snowdon last month came to mind) – I think the important thing about Jackets with hoods is bothering to do a proper hood i.e like you get on a climbing jacket with a decent system to either synch them in and out and a volume adjuster if you are popping them over a helmet. Horse for courses though , there’s plenty of jackets without hoods to choose from.

    Mikey-simmo – 10 out of 23 routes are Calderdale. So C’dale does get the biggest chunk but it does have the most amount of trails of any of the West Yorkshire boroughs. If you compare it to the other West Yorkshire guide books available you’d find a similar bias but you’d also find Leeds area virtually completely ignored for example. The book was compiled after riding and living in West Yorkshire for 16 years, before, during and after being a ST staffer 🙂

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