Midweek Movies 86

by Chipps 3

Hello everyone! Time to chill out and stare at your monitor as if you’re reading a particularly engrossing email from an important client.

Let’s start off with some trials. Mixte style!

And now a rather odd film about a guy ‘living’ on his bike

We were going to put this up last week, but it had suddenly disappeared. Luckily, it’s back again… Some trials moves – on carbon-rimmed road bikes.

Need some more flow (and some more dirt)? Here’s Sam Needham’s look at the Altura Trail in beautiful ‘gorgeous-vision’

It wouldn’t be Midweek Movies without Matt’s Skate Section

Here’s on of Danny Hart’s practice runs from Champery. See what the course looked like in the dry.

A quick video to show that gnarly crashes aren’t the sole preserve of the mountain biker…

And some gritty, er, grit from the Content Partnership, who should be doing other stuff rather than riding bikes in the mud

Niall, Son of the beard Here is being annoyingly quick, young and beautiful ( butwhat’s with the stack height under the stem you freak!)

Mark is back in the office after not shattering his hip on his snowboarding holiday – Guy from Flow Mtb
has sent a two wheeled drifty answer to Alpine descending in the winter .

And here’s a home-made pop video we like from a Huddersfield band called Ten Floors

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  1. Gorgeous-vision indeed, never felt compelled to visit winlatter before but think I might have to now.
    That roadbike vid might have seemed better if I’d not seen the mentalist on the ladies bike immediatley prior, looked tame after that.

  2. No love for the man who lived on his bike? I thought it was great!

  3. Yep, Man who lived on his bike wins it for me, it was great – have you seen his others? Equally entertaining.

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