SSUK 2012 – Love one speed? Heart racing?

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SSUK 2012 -September 29th & 30th. Gisburn Forest, Bowland, Lancashire.

A note tied to an unused 10 speed cassette thrown through the office window has the latest communique from the Cheeky Trails collective

Seems they’re unhappy with the current trend of events selling out within hours of going online so they’re doing their best to drag out SSUK entry to cater for the slacker end of the competitive spectrum, you know, singlespeeders.

Entry details are here:

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  1. That’s the same weekend as the SS Worlds in SA, is it not?

  2. same weekend as the 3 Peaks CX too. Shame.

  3. can someone tell me what weekend between May and September has NO other bike events on?

    Anyway, I’ll be at SSUK* which is SS worlds and 3 Peaks loss.

    *if THEY let me

  4. You’ll be able to race SSUK on the Saturday and 3Peaks on the Sunday. That’s what I’m hoping to do… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. so nothing’s happening at SSUK on Sunday then?

  6. come on Jase, you of all people know how difficult it is to align land managers and race officials up

  7. Cheekily says, “Can I have the cassette please?” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Steve – I meant ‘shame’ as in, ‘shame I can’t do both’.

  9. If that’s not bad enough, I’ve heard that they’re going to use the HtN course.

  10. so….what happens at SSUK on the Sunday then? /pulling teeth/

  11. well, theres this big race over the valley that everyone has to decamp too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    apart from raging hangovers I dunno !

  12. hang on, I’ve got to snail mail an entry invite request? What? go out to the shop and buy a stamp? Do they even still sell those?


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