Stocking Thrillers Day 18

by singletrackjon 0

Ooh, cutting it a bit fine aren’t we? Still, if you’ve left it too late then at least you have some suggestions for what to put the fiver from your nan towards…

VDO Computer X1DW wireless £45

A digital, encoded wireless computer with automatic pairing. Features include current speed, trip distance, total distance for two separate bikes, ride time, average speed, max speed and a clock. There’s easy menu control and as well as being water resistant, it comes with a five year warranty.

From: Paligap

PDW Magic flute pocket mini pump £30


Made of sculpted alloy and bamboo, the magic flute pump is a work of art that fits in your pocket. You can use the Co2 to inflate your tyre in seconds or, if you have a little more time or are out of cartridges, you can pump the old fashioned way. Works with presta or schrader valves.

From: Paligap

Pendle QuickFix Stand £29.99


The QuickFix is a simple stand that holds the bike upright with the rear wheel off the ground. Simply hang the rear triangle from the plastic sleeved hooks and the bike is supported making it ideal for light maintenance.

From: Pendle

Pendle Hang Up Holder (HUH) £18.25 – 33.00


Allows you to hang your bike from a wall. It features a large, strong, plastic coated hook that makes it easy to hang your bike. Snap together laser cut construction makes it easy to assemble with just 1 bolt to hold it together.

From: Pendle