Mid Week Movies

by Matt Letch 5

Jonny’s not here this week (he broke his curfew and is back under lock and key), which means that other people (i.e. Matt) are going to control your mind this Wednesday. So we’ve got opposite locked Volvos (‘cos they’re R.A.D.), and German death tech (and an excuse for running cut-down 550mm bars). There’ll be some Being, a MeXican and of course Sk8tin.

Anyway. German Death Tech™ – never will the Singletrack crew complain about the generally dull fire road route marches that German press camps consist of – maybe all of their ‘proper’ singletrack is like this?

I don’t think we’ve ever had any flatland BMX have we? Dephect – Matti Hemmings. Smooothhhhh.

Max and Cyril  (like Mork and Mindy or summat). Dry trails, autumnal leaves and a deep sense of resentment in the office as we venture out into the gloop. Except for Jenn of course, who’s mental always cheery to go riding.

Volvos – We love ’em. Good for thrashing and crashing. Not generally the drift weapon of choice but that makes them all the more attractive doesn’t it?

Sail boat – fail boat – best of 2011 apparently. Very hard not to LOLZ if you’re watching it at work, so be careful!


I know you were as sad to hear as I was last year of Heath Kirchart’s retirement from skating.

Interestingly (or not) the first thing he did when he retired was ride across America

This is the last Midweek Movies before Xmas so we better leave you with a Santa or two (he’s on a fixie but don’t go hating, he won’t come and see you otherwise):


And now here’s Santa again, this time shredding the gnar in the Tweed Valley:

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  1. Those fails are brilliant!

  2. ‘Fails’…..crying now…. make it stop

  3. some of the fails were hard to watch, defnitely some real injuries in there. laughing at others’ pain and misfortune is always so rewarding though, there goes my faith in human nature again!

  4. Was that JHW of this parish on the stairs ride!

  5. Fails where fantastic….. If your gona be dum, ya better tough…

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