Love the Quantocks? Read this now!

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We’ve just been sent a heads-up that Somerset County Council are planning to sell off three parcels of land in the Quantocks AONB, including Great Wood. Clearly this is of interest to mountain bikers and the deadline for public responses to the plan is this Friday, 23rd December, so now is the time to get involved if you’re concerned.

Here’s the story on the BBC website, the relevant thread on our forum, and here’s the petition to sign if you wish to register an objection.

The Quantocks in full summer splendour. Picture thanks to Chipps.

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  1. Having visited (and enjoyed) a couple of times i wanted to sign petition.
    However, it’s a locals only petition!

  2. No it is not. I have just signed up and I live well outside the area.

  3. your bbc link points to the somerset council site.

    I guess it should be this

  4. Done, why do councils always work against the people that put them there. strange breed of humans

  5. Signed at lunchtime when there were 145 signatures. There’s now 575.

  6. Signed, over 850 now!

  7. 1313 signatures now …!

  8. what if this goes through? the begining of the end for access to the countryside?
    houses or factorys built everywhere? woodlands dug up and flattened?
    the whole thing stinks of back handers to developers or is it just me?

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