Stocking Thrillers Day 13

by singletrackjon 0

Still not done any stocking-shopping? We return to suggest some perfect presents at a pick of prices…

Mojo Suspension Custom Valving Surcharge

Winter is the perfect time to get your shock sent off for an annual service – but while it’s off the bike it’s worth paying a little bit extra to get it feeling just so. Mojo Suspension will take your vital numbers and tune your shock or 36 or 40 fork to your taste, with expert advice on hand to get the most out of your suspension.

Price: £36 (plus cost of standard service)

From: Mojo Suspension

CUBE Bikes T-Shirts


Forget about all the traditional christmas gifts. This is the ultimate present for all your family members or friends; an all original CUBE  T-Shirt! These are cotton T-Shirts with a classic cut round neck with print on chest and back in different colours.

T-Shirt “Fully” Color Grey £ 22,49
T-Shirt “Big Icon” Colour White £ 22,49
T-Shirt “Fitchelmountains” Colour Green £ 22,49
WLS T-Shirt “Fitchelmountains” Colour Petrol £ 22,49

From: CUBE Bikes

Prolink Cable Luber

A refillable precision tool, that allows pinpoint lubrication in those hard to reach places. The Luber allows you to clean and lube cables without removing them from the bike. 100s of uses in addition to cables, pivots etc.

Price: £6.50

From: Extra UK