Singletrack Issue 70 Teaser

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The 70th issue of Singletrack Magazine is finally coming together as we speak, the past few week’s hard work is steadily turning into something we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy; the pile of words and pictures that’s been accruing over the past few weeks is starting to resemble a magazine thanks to Sim and his special digital crayon working overtime. Our digital issues are set to be packed with a load of extra video, galleries and GPX route maps.

The full contents are listed below, but we thought we’d bring you a video with just a tiny fraction of what’s inside to whet your appetite…

The magazine will be on sale December 8th so you’ll have to wait a while yet, but in the meantime subscribers can enjoy the delights of our Mag Archive, with digital access to almost all of the magazines we’ve ever made, plus loads of digital-only extra video and galleries.

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Issue 70 Contents

9. Editorial
Chipps draws an obscure link between Pernod and summer switchbacks.

10. Classic Rides: The Edale Loop.
Everybody knows where Edale is. Jon and Jenn venture out to make sure it’s still where they left it.

singletrack magazine issue 70 (2)
Carry on up the Classic Hill. Photo by Jenn

20. UK Riding: Living the Dream
Ever watch a riding video and think ‘I want to ride there too!’? Well, Sim and Dave Flynn did just that and made a pilgrimage to Ben A’an in Scotland to ride a distant trail glimpsed once.

singletrack magazine issue 70 (4)
David Van Den Fly on Ben A'an article. Photo by Sim.

30. Blame the Dog
Mike Ferrentino’s regular look at the bicycle world from the other side of the pond.

32. Interview: Oli Beckingsale
Benji catches up (it wasn’t hard, he was on crutches) with one of the UK’s most enduring cross-country racers and top bloke too.

singletrack magazine issue 70 (1)
Oli Beckinsdale. Photo by Benji

42. Bike Test: Thousand Pounders
Benji rounds up three full suspension bikes around the magic ‘bag of sand’ price.

54. Fitness Answers
Singletrack has a newly expanded panel of fitness experts and they’re already being tested by your questions.

58. Destination X
Where do Alpine tour operators go when they want to ride bikes for fun? Jon follows a secret trail of breadcrumbs to a lesser known part of the French mountains.

singletrack magazine issue 70 (3)
X marks the Destination. Photo by Irmo Keizer -

70. Singletrack Premier
Got a subscription? Got an iPad (or an iPhone, Android, Kindle, etc…)? Get them linked up by upgrading to Premier. No idea what we’re talking about? Get a £2 sub.

72. Mini Grouptest: Lights
Dave A tested ten handlebar lights, then picked his three favourites.

74. Through the Grinder
Eight pages of real products tested to tearing, breaking or just breaking in by our team of paid thugs.

84. Grinder Bike
Benji gets cracking on Transition’s niche-killing Covert.

86. SRAM Factor
The other Big S company has a whole facility in a corner of Germany. But what do they all do? Dave and Sim get personal, photographic and pally.

100. Grouptest: 2012 Disc Brakes
Benji tests ten of the newest disc brakes in time for your Christmas shopping.

108. Column: Roly Lambert
If you think that you have a cluttered shed, you’ve not seen Roly’s. Or heard his excuses – sorry, ‘reasons’ – for more bikes.

110. Propaganda
It’s Christmas time at Singletrack Towers. We’re un-celebrating in our usual style.

112. Route Guide: Caldbeck Fells
Benji has an adventure on some lesser known Lakeland trails ‘round the back of Skiddaw.

122. Premier Club
Subscribe to Singletrack? Then you get all sorts of discounts with these folks.

126. Outro
Chipps recalls meeting the real Evel Knievel – at a bicycle show.

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    How I wish that had been the result of my work load over the past month ! Any jobs going ?

    Sadly not (of magazines anyway), but I make a wicked brew !

    Yeay Rolly’s Back…. !!!!!! F’in’ AAAAAA!

    I *might* actually buy it now for the first time in…. oh… ummm..

    Sorry to see Oli Beck’s had an injury – first I’d heard of it. Sounds like a nasty one that – hope he’s well on his way to recovery. Top bloke..

    Where’s that Edale shot taken? Can’t place it

    Edale pic looks like the climb out of Roych Clough, going anti-clockwise. Alps one is La Varda trail in Les Arcs I think.

    “Carry on up the Classic Hill”
    tut tut ..
    You should be riding that

    Granted that short bit is the hardest bit, and when I tried it I didn’t manage it dab free, but I’m also a fatty, and I had a hard dry tyre on and the front end was too high and ..

    I agree the peak district shot look like Roych Clough heading towards Edale from Hayfield after decending from South head of Kinder.

    I had a similar reaction to the ‘entry level’ specialized.My ‘entry level’ spesh cost a lot less in 2009!

    Love the cuff links….I wear shirts for work!!

    Keep up the great work singletrack….just renewed subscription….

    Like the additional digital hits especially the gpx files

    Anyone know the band on the soundtrack to the vid?

    It’s my 50th Birthday on 7th December so get my sub copy out dam quick guys.

    only just started to read singletrack, well done! keep it simple, other mags are to much for product placment, not every mtb-er has an endless supply of cash. looking forward to next issue.

    The Dest X music is ‘The Last Drop’ by The Joy Formidable. They’ve got a new album out too…

    Ah, Edale. My first proper MTB experience back around 1997 on a YHA MTB course. A fully rigid steel Raleigh slightly too big for me and 8 other strangers led across a classic landscape by two blokes with beards. MTB seemed a lot simpler back then. *puts on rose-tinted glasses*. Look forward to the article.

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