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Welcome to this week’s Fresh Goods, the celebration of the end of our working week and your chance to take a peek to all the lovely new kit that’s landed in the office to prod and poke…

Specialized Epic Comp 29

This rather gainly looking big wheeler is the 100mm travel Epic Comp. It’s the entry level full sus 29er in the Specialized Epic range, with 100mm of travel either end and an M5 aluminium frame. As with every Epic, rear suspension is automatically controlled by an inertia valve, this using the latestFox/Specialized FlowControl Mini Brain shock with Brain Fade inertia valve.

Price: £2,600

From: Specialized UK

The back end uses 142mm hub spacing and they’ve aimed to keep the chainstays as short as possible.

Rather neat linkages and dinky shock…

Tapered front end has Rock Shox Reba 29 forks plugged in, drivetrain is SRAM X7/9 with a 38/24T double and there’s a covering of own brand finishing kit to finish it off.

The amount of force taken to fully open the Brain shock can be tweaked via the blue knob…

We’ve been hugely impressed with a lot of the own-brand Specialized tyres recently – both tyres on this bike are ‘2bliss’ ready, meaning you only need a dash of sealant to get a proper tubeless setup.

 661 Recon Wired helmet

We reviewed the Recon helmet a while back and really liked the sheer spec you get for the price. This is the latest model with rather snazzy new graphics as well as the in-moulded shell, 18 vents and more trail-riding design and fit. It’s also available in a black ‘Wired’ version as well as matte black or white ‘Stealth’ finishes.

Price: £69.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Sub-Gear long sleeve top

Matt may have lost the ‘Vernon Wells in Mad Max 2’ haircut but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on the apocalyptic future, far from it. A cunning mix of EVA padding on the chest and ‘Intella-Foam’ shoulder and elbow pieces sewn into a compression fit base layer should offer him lightweight protection from boomerang wielding feral kids or simply falling off his bike. Flat locked seams should make it comfy to wear and there’s also an elbow-less short version available.

Price: £59.99

From: One Industries Europe

“NOOOOO! We go in! We kill!”

661 Comp Knee/shinpad (L) & 661 Rampage Knee/shinpad (R)

Two different takes on protecting your knees and shins here. The Comp (£34.99) uses hard plastic outer shells fixed to a ventilated foam backing to give as much protection as possible. The Rampage (£54.99) takes the soft pad with internal plastic shell concept, something that 661 helped pioneer, into an item that offers shin protection too.

From: One Industries Europe

661 Comp Elbow pad (top) & 661 Rhythm Elbow pad (bottom)

Again, the Comp Elbow (£24.99) uses a two-piece hard shells, articulated over a EVA padding body with crossed over straps to keep them in place. The Rhythm Elbow (24.99) is a bit of a new concept – it’s basically similar to an armwarmer but with added protection, using a stretchy sleeve outer with silicone grippers to prevent it moving. Bash resistance is given by the perforated EVA foam covered with with touch mesh. Should be just the trick for anyone that wants some less-obtrusive protection on the trails.

From: One Industries Europe

661 Evo Knee pad

The popular Evo knee has been fully designed for 2012. It now uses a new, specially shaped piece of D3O moulded to fit around the kneecap. The outer cover is made from Kevlar to prevent any rips or tears and the soft stretch body is kept in place with an adjustable strap on the top and wrap-round stretch Kordura piece.

Price: £79.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Rhythm Knee pad

Providing knee and shin coverage with the same padding-over-stretch-sleeve design, the Rhythm should be just the trick for ‘knee pads or leg warmers?’ dilemmas this winter…

Price: £34.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Sub Shorts

Providing a bit of undershort protection thanks to the EVA inserts, the tight compression fabric with silicone grippers should stay put under shorts – and 661 say that the tight fitting and breathable fabric “improves blood flow and boosts muscle recovery”. As well as hip and thigh padding, there’s a cunning little piece to protect where your tail should be.

Price: £44.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Riot Elbow pad

The Riot uses a hard cap with EVA padding and perforated neoprene surround with 1000D Kordura reinforced fabric.

Price: £29.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Riot Kneepad

The Riot Knee pad uses the same hard shell under neoprene construction to offer plenty of protection for the front of your knee at a very reasonable cost. It’s held in place by an upper adjustable strap and lower stretch loop.

Price: £34.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 Riot Shin pad

You don’t tend to see many shin-only pads these days – have people got better at missing their shins or have pedal studs got less painful? Who knows, we still bear the marks of many missed pedals. If you still nail you shins regularly then the Riot pads provide hard shelled protection under wrap-round neoprene padding to keep you legs lovely and scar-free.

Price: £34.99

From: One Industries Europe

661 2012 gloves

Freshly made 2012 handwear from 661 –  from left to right: the 858 (£29.99), Rev (£18.99) and Evo (£34.99) gloves. The 858 and Evo gloves use direct injection protection to guard your knuckles and fingers, while the Rev is a lightweight, super thin glove for maximum feel. All are available in a host of colours too…

From: One Industries Europe

More 661 2012 gloves

From left to right: the Raji (£24.99), Storm (£39.99) and Rev Wired (£18.99). The Raji is a lightweight summer glove, with perforated mesh backing and single layer palm with silicone gripper patterns. The Storm is their latest winter glove, with a Pittard leather palm, insulated backing and neoprene knuckle protection, while the Rev Wired is a nice and stripy version of the lightweight Rev.

From: One Industries Europe

Crank Brothers Ascender pack

This is our first look at the new Crank Brothers packs. The Ascender is, unsurprisingly, designed for cross-country style biking with a 13 litre volume and 3l slime-resistant microban bladder. The pack is made from tough looking coated nylon with ventilated padding on the back. The bladder itself has a proprietary high flow hose and valve, which Crank Brothers say is ‘leak free’. The inside has lots of organised pockets and there’s a separate lined pocket for your glasses or phone.

Price: £69.99

From: 2Pure

 Crank Brothers Descender pack

Designed for the descending set, this 20l pack has plenty of pockets and straps to attach bits of extraneous body armour to. It uses the same microban 3l reservoir and there’s a removable tool pouch hidden inside as well. You also get an external helmet holder and there’s a cunning sliding loop system to stop the bag peeling open and shedding kit when you unzip the main pocket

Price: £99.99

From: 2Pure

Super organised guts…

 Singletrack Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Like Singletrack, these cufflinks are handmade in the Calder Valley. Made from Sterling silver they let you flash your mountain bike allegiances in the boardroom, in court or at social gatherings.
Price: £85
From: Coming soon to the Singletrack Shop
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