Muckmedden MTB Race promises trail delights

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While Scotland is rightly known for the plethora of man-made trail centres, there’s always the danger of overlooking the natural gems in favour of quick thrills, but a new race happening next year on the 22nd April aims to showcase the natural and ‘super-technical’ trails of Pitmedden Forest in Tayside, Scotland.

Organiser Aaron says the Muckmedden will be an event for every trail rider, “from carbon hardtail riders with their saddles up to their shoulder blades, to Weekend Warriors on 6 inch bikes with dropper posts” , with a chilled out vibe and good quality locally-sourced food on offer.

The course aims to showcase as much of the local riding as possible and they’ll do this by using a roughly cloverleaf shaped course, the three loops connected by a central point. Each lap is split into three loops; Red, White and Blue, to be completed in that order.  After completion of each loop, the riders will cross the timing mats to get a split time.  Tag-Team riders can then pass their timing chip to another team member who will complete the next loop, and so on.

The total distance for all loops will be around nine miles, most riders doing two laps, while solo riders will have the option of a single or two lap race, which they reckon will be plenty thanks to the unrelenting nature of the riding.

At the centre of the “Cloverleaf” will be the Start/Finish line, caterers, toilets, DJ and “Tagging Arena”.  Riders will be coming through this central point constantly during the race, hopefully helping to create a decent atmosphere alongside the music/other team riders.

Organiser Aaron had this to say: “I have ridden in events in the past, from Gorrick to No Fuss and SXC.  I enjoyed all of them for different reasons and therefore wanted to organise a good quality event on my local trails [and] Pitmedden Forest is within 1.5 hours of 90% of Scotland’s population.”

If you’d like to find out more about Muckmedden, please go to or head here to buy an entry when they open on the 1st December…


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  1. This looks like the sort of stupid sh*t I like. Sign me up!

  2. Looking forward to this. Please note Pitmedden is in North Fife and not Tayside!

  3. They’re trying to make it attractive to as many people as possible, saying it’s in Fife would be most detrimental. 😉

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