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Cometh the lunch hour, cometh the man with some videos; it’s time for our weekly selection of videos to distract you while you eat your butties – or your fancy Marks & Spencer salad bowl if the recession has left you untouched.

Hike a bike, exposure, big mountains – all things we like. Harald Philipp and Martin Falkner head to the Ortler region, climb some big old mountains and ride some nice steep slopes. It’s beautifully shot and we particularly like the fact the pair of them ride with an espresso maker, gas stove, big lump of meat and some proper china cups for their coffee. That’s class.

We’ve no idea what ‘recreational resources’ are, but these guys and gals have certainly been pioneering – the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail consists mainly of singletrack, is 480 miles long,climbs 65,000 feet and took them 12 days to complete….

Slacklining over yawning chasms a bit dull? Base jump off them then…

Jake Hood rides Cademuir Hill on a misty November day.

French disco, fixies, freeride and BMX

More due paying on Concrete. Jesus!

Chosen by our work experience lad & Video expert Richard Butterworth – “10 Things I have learned about Mountainbiking” from filmevondraussen

A little bit of skating I hear you cry. John Cardiel was an amazing skater -after being hit by a car he was told he’d never walk again – well he does walk (a little bit wonky but he definitely walks) and mostly rides bikes these days (the injury left it nearly impossible for him to skate) All Hail Cardiel!

Till Next week…


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  1. those slackliners are mental. that is all i can say about that!

  2. “Into thin Air”

    Wow! speechless

  3. Loving the “10 Things I have learned about Mountainbiking” vid.

  4. Into thin air, yep, wanna go…

  5. loving the slackline

  6. Cracking set of films this week. Loved Thin Air, Flight of the Frenchies was just jaw-dropping!

  7. i remember seeing cardiel ollie over the central platform of the doughnut shaped bowl at south shields skate park one summer as part of a plan b skateboards demo thing, something nobody else could ever do. he was awesome.

  8. Got that special lower stomach tingle when the slack line guy is wandering across untethered and barefoot. That’s just plain wrong…

  9. where is Ostler?! ive googled it, but im not convinced its New Zealand?! is that right??? I hope its not, as i want to go there this weekend and ride that mountain!! 😉

  10. How come for the past few weeks, when I fullscreen vimeo, the poll shows up over it?

  11. ^^^Btw it’s only if vimeo’s set to use Html5 instead of flash.

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