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In a time of great suffering, when a nation is ruled by a giant lizard, the apocalypse draws closer and the stormclouds are gathering outside, it’s nice to have something to distract you from the terrible fate that lies just round the corner – or simply just to have something to watch while you eat your lunch. Midweek Movies is here to help you…

This is probably the feel-good bike riding edit of 2011. The Terrible One BMX crew take a beautifully shot roadtrip across Australia, documenting the chilled out people they cross paths with on the way, riding their bikes and meeting wildlife.

Bit of an Australian theme this week with this lovely video from Pete of Digital Hippie. Filmed in the forests around Castlemaine, Victoria, it’s full of spring flowers, sweet dusty singletrack and a rather fitting soundtrack. Yes, it is spring in Australia right now.

Right, off to South Africa, home of Morewood Bikes. This is a really nicely shot look behind the scenes in their factory, courtesy of Gary Perkin, another snapper moving to the dark side of moving images…

Sim might have run into a badger on his road bike but we can be glad that trail hazards don’t include bloody great big Bambis, like what they have in South Africa. Here we have Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa getting a Red Hartebees to the face. Ouchy.

Back to this hemisphere and season with Calum from Alpine Bikes, who sent us a nice little night riding edit, illuminated entirely with Exposure Lights…

If you don’t live somewhere with year-round sunshine and you’re lucky enough to have a selection of bikes to choose from, then now might be the time to drag out the winter hardtail and make your knees feel the righteous glow of a no-springs™ back end. Jinya Nishiwaki shows that you don’t need a fully sprung bike to pin it on the trails of Pemberton, BC…

Adam Billinghurst has been riding Whistler Bike Park for 13 years, dedicating himself to riding the trails day in, day out, all through the summer season. It’s shot by Anthill Films as part of their latest project, ‘Strength in Numbers’. As Adam points out, “Anyone can have my life, they just need to make the right choices. Your choices are to have no job at all, not own anything but ride your bike every day. Those are your choices.” Sounds alright.

It’s worth watching this for the whips alone…

The downhill track at Rhyd Y Felin, near Llangynog, Wales is a bit of a beauty. Home turf of the Atherton clan, it’s got some big, fast open bits at the top (check out the berm-gapping line at 1:30) before getting all rooty and nadge down the bottom. Red Bull have been running their ‘Weekend Warrior’ courses there along with the local talent, but here’s Will Weston of the Saracen/Madison team showing how it’s done…

Okay, it’s video game-trick-in-real-life time. Mike Clark pops a hang five to front flip out of nothing. Simple.

Making BMX vids isn’t all fun though – this trailer for Subrosa’s ‘Get Used To It’ shows the various pleasures of smashing yourself into immovable street furniture inbetween being threatened by people in uniforms.

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions – if you’ve seen anything you reckon should be here then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here next week….

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  1. Agreed – the T1 vid is the best I’ve seen in a long time

  2. I’ve been past those trails a few times that Jimmy built / rides. Never seen anyone riding them . They are fricking insanely huge.. Bad ass!!

  3. Excellent collection of films this week, thanks.

  4. Jimmy Pratt is one of the few who can make big wheels look good at trails.Bar end has taken 10 years to get like that!

  5. In the subrosa vid,Scott Ditchburn (big hair giving the bird) is from Flint,North Wales!!

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