Up The Buttress – A Hebden Bridge Hill Climb Event – FINAL UPDATE “The Rules”

by Mark Alker 24

Looking for Up The Buttress 2013?

Update: Write-up and results here

Calling All Calderdale Hill Climbers!


If you are entering on the day please register between 12pm and 1pm


  • Helmets must be worn and bikes must have two working brakes.
  • When returning through Hebden Bridge road laws must be obeyed.
  • Slower riders must give way to faster riders on course.
  • Please follow Marshalls/First Aiders/Polices guidance and advice when on the course or returning on the road for the second attempt.
  • Number card must be displayed clearly at all times.
  • Electric bikes will be allowed but the times will not be counted towards the overall prize (unless you carry it all the way up on your shoulders…..hopping)
  • Riders times will only qualify if the bike is ridden past a pre determined halfway point before the finish line.
  • Bikes may be pushed after the halfway point. Any bikes pushed before the halfway point will be classed as DNF
  • Carrying of bikes is automatic DNF
  • Dabs (foot down and remounting) are allowed at any point.

The above rules are only to prevent Ben from CycleRecycle entering on his comedy cardboard cut-out cycle!

Any assistance from spectators and riders will be penalised with a 30second time penalty (unless you’re 5 and on stabilizers)

About the event

Up The Buttress is hill climb event that starts from the very centre of Hebden Bridge and heads directly up one of the cobbliest, steepiest climbs in the Calder Valley. It’s used as a footpath and is so steep it has a hand rail.

You can enter on any bike you like – it’s all good, and there are prizes in multiple categories from fancy dress to most comedy crash.. Oh and if you are the fastest up the hill you may earn some recognition of some kind.

The event is just one part of the Calderdale Cycle Festival and Singletrack will be throwing in a T-shirt, drinks bottle and copy of Singletrack magazine for all online entries. Your goody bag will be waiting for you at sign on.

The start is at the doors of the Hole In The Wall pub on Hanginroyd Lane.

Registration is available on the day. However, places are limited so to avoid disappointment book now.

Enter Online Here

Comments (24)

  1. This looks ace. Bit far from Notts though 🙁

  2. Calling all masochists……

  3. I was just about to slate the poor advertising and organisation of this event. Then I found this.
    http://www.walkandridefestival.co.uk/events.php. The only observation I have is that there are lots of things going on but during the day and during the week! Excercise for the jobless? This however does look interesting Brontë Big K Mountain Bike Challenge http://www.walkandridefestival.co.uk/event.detail.php?eid=ch+vAjFg/ug=.

    Not sure if these links will work.

  4. That’s never right. Can we do it the other way?

  5. whats not right….you have to hill climb..oh..havent you got the stamina..lol

  6. hanging royd lane..? ouch!

  7. A few un-official times are coming in, my failed attempt on slicks was 2:47 a young whippersnapper teenager managed just over three minutes right from the bottom of the Buttress and CMBCs cycling officer’s time is just over 1 minute. Tomorrow I will be attempting it with a CX rear tyre, if that fails its a MTB bike

  8. This is the climb that comes out on Lee Wood Rd isn’t it ? Heck !!

  9. Its horrific. But not as horrific as San Francisco at the far end of Hangingroyd Lane.

  10. What a hilarious event name – if you’re a 12 year old boy. :-/

  11. Stever: good pic, see the man in red and black with a white helmet stood by the lampost on the left? Thats the actual start line, signing on will be down at the Hole in The Wall area so a push up to the start line is allowed.

  12. So the start is all the way up there?? that’s missing out the best bit, the first section is the tricky bit that catches most people out eg. they end up on their arse 😮

  13. I reckon the added pressure of ‘racing’ will induce a lot of catching-out anyway ;]

  14. Been speaking to Bridestones Brewery today they are keen to give beer for spot prizes, not necessarily for the fastest, so bring your comedy bike/outfit etc

    Managed 2mins 12 seconds last night. Must try harder

  15. Superb event name and flyer! should be a real laff.

  16. Just been told they are using “face melting chemicals” on the route. Make of that what you will!

  17. Brings back memories, no chance to participate thisi year.

  18. Eee, I remember trying to get up that on me road bike when I were a lad. If we made a hundred yards we thought we were doing well – only ten manky gears on those old steeds mind. Can’t see it being any easier now though, even on t’ fancy Orange I’ve got

  19. I’ve thrown myself over the bars on the bottom section – in a Full effort wheel spin moment. Should be an ace event (For beer drinking spectators ;p)

  20. Well done to Matt and all the other riders that did the climb. What a great event!Just one question for Matt! What tyres were you running that slippy day?

  21. http://www.andyspencerimages.co.uk/photo-galler/?album=11&photo=208&occur=1

    Thanks to everyone that made it happen,Sue and Katie for putting up will me and Allan sniggering in the meetings like 12 year olds. All the sponsors for donating enough prizes to give everyone beer and cake at the end! Thanks to Singletrack for saying ‘yeah that sounds like a laugh’ and backing us up with web pages, stands, staff and prizes. A big thanks to people who just turned up to watch and cheer, it helped me beat my PB by 40seconds!

    Uphill….its the new Downhill

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