Eurobike 2011: Brakeforce One brakes

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What were you doing when you were 17? If you were anything like us, it definitely didn’t involve inventing mountain bike braking systems that made testers such as go all funny.

Jakob Lauhoff has done just that, with a brake that he claims is more powerful than any other, using a patented hydraulic brake booster.

The system is a closed design without the reservoir typical of modern hydraulic discs but he says that it won’t suffer from pump due to the large master piston. The lever is made from carbon reinforced material with a rubber inlay on the single finger lever – to quote Jakob “nobody needs more than one finger”. He also claims that there is no brake rub either, with a special spring system that withdraws the pads…
We’re dying to get a set to test at any rate. If it’s piqued your interest then you can head to the Brakeforce One website HERE for more info…


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