Eurobike 2011: Brakeforce One brakes

by singletrackjon 14

What were you doing when you were 17? If you were anything like us, it definitely didn’t involve inventing mountain bike braking systems that made testers such as go all funny.

Jakob Lauhoff has done just that, with a brake that he claims is more powerful than any other, using a patented hydraulic brake booster.

The system is a closed design without the reservoir typical of modern hydraulic discs but he says that it won’t suffer from pump due to the large master piston. The lever is made from carbon reinforced material with a rubber inlay on the single finger lever – to quote Jakob “nobody needs more than one finger”. He also claims that there is no brake rub either, with a special spring system that withdraws the pads…

We’re dying to get a set to test at any rate. If it’s piqued your interest then you can head to the Brakeforce One website HERE for more info…


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  1. Hopefully he’s patented this (very well). Didn’t the British guy who ‘invented’ the v-brake get all his ideas completely munched up by the big S? …or am I somehow imagining this from my hazy 90s memory?

  2. Good luck to the lad, keep it to yourself fella.

  3. already badged as Tune – 999 euro a set

  4. I assume the website is in German and is going through some kind of translator on my iphone because it is utter gibberish.

  5. mmm like the look of those!!

  6. Note to no eyed deer. Patents are worthless unless you want to send a load of cash to defend them and then it has to be a solid patent and so on. Many think that one you have a patent then you are safe. Far from it.

  7. Now they just have to make the pad wear correction automatic.

    Not dissing the kid, though. I would have wanted to have half of his talent. Just pointing at possible improvements.

  8. So, what is a “hydraulic brake booster”? Presumably if it’s patented, it should be in the public domain now. I’d be interested to hear but remain sceptical – you don’t get something for nothing.

  9. Ah, reading this:

    It seems that it’s based on a variable leverage design – eg a large effective master piston to bring the pads close to the rotor and then a smaller effective one once in contact for more power – interesting to hear how this is achieved.

  10. someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think he’s put a miniture brake servo inside the caliper…If this is correct this would be why you can get the extra pad retraction distance and enhanced brake power….nice.

  11. looks like a piston inside a piston..

  12. Interesting theory, but power is nothing without control. I’m sure all of you can lock your current Shimano/Avid/Haze/Magura brake with ease? So why (in the words of Clarkson) more power? More intricate components surely mean more servicing, discuss..

  13. Is it like a tektro brake booster?, ie a horseshoe of aluminium?

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