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We may have gone video mental from our time at Eurobike, but we’re still going to provide you with your weekly fix of video distraction with randoms, riding and more. Grab a  brew, get some biscuits and prepare to drag an excel spreadsheet over the browser window – it’s time for Midweek Movies…

We’ll kick this week off with something that’ll bring a cold (meat) sweat to anyone who went to the German pork-fest that was Eurobike – here’s how to recreate a great delicacy of German/Austrian cuisine at home. We’d get rid of that green and red stuff around it though, looks a bit colourful.

Okay, back on topic now. The trails up at Gisburn Forest just keep expanding, thanks to help from Hope Technology and the work of volunteer trail builders. Based on designs from Rowan Sorrell, Ben and Dan Hemingway have used machines to create a fast, bermed and jump packed trail with the ‘Hope Line’ (should’ve called it Hit It and Hope IMO), while everyone’s favourite bearded skills coach Ed Oxley shows what you can do when you leave the diggers at home and pick up a shovel with the Homebaked Trail.


Danny Hart’s World Championship winning run is the stuff of legend already. And after many shonky ‘camera in front of the telly’ Youtube videos, Freecaster has finally released the official version. If you want to see this kind of stuff live, they offer a very reasonable pay per view coverage.

Here’s a quick video report from the final round of the Southern XC Series – and as you’d expect, it was a bit soggy. Lots of leery drifting, comedy stumbles plus Lee Williams and Billy Whenman schooling the rest of the field on how to ride in the slop.

Next. A Trailer for the upcoming Mongoose Bicycles’ “Know Your Roots -The History of Mongoose” Documentary produced by Mark Eaton & Don Hampton. It’s like watching rock family trees – without the rock but loads of Magnesium . (Includes glimpses of californian sunlight)

Sunlight!! And how you can always ride if you want to if you make time (load of nice homemade Go-Pro rigs in the trees as well)

Who would win, man on bike or boy with a super trick remote control plane? Doug from Basque MTB has tried to find out. It looks like the EasyStar ‘First Person View’ plane could be just the thing for relatively low budget tracking shots…


Finding the Sella Ronda a bit boring? 55km and 1,600m of climbing not hard enough? Try wheelying up it then…

We like the The Albion magazine. We also like this edit of the various CSG BMX riders smashing Kiev to pieces…


Here’s the Coastal Crew recapping their summer. We can’t wait to see their new film, From the Inside Out. It’s guaranteed to be full of bangers. And overflowing with nugz.

And finally and of course, a little bit of France and Skating.


Seen anything good on tinterweb? Send it to newdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll get it up here next week…

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