Eurobike 2011: Transition Bikes and the big wheeled Bandit

by singletrackjon 8

Having a new big wheeled model seemed to be very much a theme of this year’s Eurobike. Transition bikes have also added a couple of 29ers into their range, but unlike many of the other brands, the new bikes aren’t lightweight XC race bikes.

They’ve decided to make a pair of trail-orientated big wheelers instead, with a version of full suspension Bandit sporting 130mm of travel, interchangeable 142mm back end and the 29er specific Fox 34 forks. They’ve also scaled up their popular TransAM steel hardtail with 29″ wheels and stuck on a new tapered-friendly headtube…

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  1. That Bandit looks really really nice, could easily be tempted to try one of those.

    Reckon the distributor will really hate having to flog them too.. 😉

  2. Shame the distributor over here is not worthy of my business after his displays on the forum.

  3. I can wait for the marketing guys to ‘discover’ 26″ wheels next year and start making decent mountain bikes again.

  4. LIke the look of the bandit. What’s the deal with the importer? Wasn’t the last one shit too?

  5. “Something that was missing from our line-up, was a bike we all wanted to ride”! Not quite sure he meant to say that 🙂

    26″ looks nice but what’s going on with the seat tube angle on the 29″?

  6. what fork size does the TransAM take is it the new 140 29er’s? cheers

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