Interbike 2011: Turner Bikes

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David Turner’s been a friend of Singletrack magazine for years and we always make sure that we get to see him at Interbike. Turner never comes out with new bikes until they’re ready, regardless of model years. That’s whey there’s no RFX on show here, despite him showing off a prototype of a revamped RFX back in 2010 he’s not felt ready to bring it into production yet. There aren’t any carbon bikes on show today either, though there might well be one in the works…

All of the improvements on show today are sensible incremental improvements. Production bikes are expected to start appearing at the very end of the year.

Turner Flux

The 4in Flux 26in bike gains a bigger top tube for stiffness, has the 44mm head tube and gains neat cable and hose management via some bolt-on guides as Mr Turner was annoyed at seeing so many bad, sloppy (and sharp!) zip-tie jobs… All models gain a 142mm back end.


Bigger Top Tube - 44 mm head tube for tapered forks



Neat routing


The all-up Flux

Turner Sultan

Turner’s sole 29in wheel bike gains the 142mm back end and the neater cabling. All the bikes are available in raw finish, black powdercoat and the one colour per model anodise that you see here, so blue for the Sultan, orange for the 5Spot, green for the DHR and red for the Flux.


The Sultan gains ISCG mount to allow chain devices or single ring guides to be added


Super neat derailleur hanger and Maxle-lite anchor in one piece.

Turner 5 Spot

Turner’s do-everything trail bike also gains the neat cabling and the thru-axle back end. Here’s the complicated non-drive side dropout and post mount brake, er, mount, complete with trunnion bolts. Not so much for the hamfisted mechanic, as we earlier reported, but in case of truly massive forces on the brake mounts caused by (intentional or not) back-hops or heavy back-end trials-style landings.


This is a lovely rich orange colour in the flesh



ISCG mount




The complete 5Spot. All Turner bikes use the DW-Link suspension


Gusset and super neat welding


All the bikes now have threaded grease ports as the pressure of grease can pop out non-threaded ones. These are custom made stainless jobs.
The DHR. We want one, even if we can never do it justice...


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    that’s the first 5 spot i’ve actually liked the looks of

    Not keen on that 5’s welding plus is that a spot of missed spray on the top tube weld? Mine has a couple of areas that go light on the spray.

    Damn, that 5 Spot looks amazing. Want!

    “is that a spot of missed spray on the top tube weld?” ?
    “spraying looks rushed” ?
    All the bikes in the pics are anodised!!!
    I think any discrepancies you think you can see are where the lights are shining on them?

    Brilliant! I want one. Actually, I want them all.

    I have to applaud Turner for the adoption of a sensible headtube standard. I can now buy a 5 Spot and not have to worry about whether or not forks will still fit it in two years time.

    The only problem now is saving the cash I’m going to need to buy one…

    is that spot as steep as it looks in the pic? hard to tell with bendy tubes

    That orange anodised 5-spot has just risen to the top of my ‘most desired’ bike list. Very nice mix of old school machining and swoopy tubes.

    “a spot of missed spray on the top tube weld? ”
    They’re anodised, not sprayed… That’s probably the sodium lights of the show.
    Slowrider, all Turner’s bikes were relaxed a degree or so last year, so it’s probably OK… Angles are 67.7°/73° for more details

    mmmmmmm anodizing….. mmmmmmm

    with these bikes you can see where your money is going. stuff like the trunnion bolts and grease ports. neat touches that show these bikes have been designed by engineers and not accountants or marketeers. i hope the build quality is as good as it looks in these pics

    well done Turner
    i want one!

    Nicely made stuff
    But by god sooo boring to look at!

    Want that 5 spot so badly, but torn between the blue or the green. Dreams, dreams.

    I’m gonna get me one of them Flux’s!!

    Or should I get a 2011 when CRC start discounting them??

    have they done anything new to stop the DHR from cracking? not seen a single one without a crack somewhere this summer in Morzine.

    “Want that 5 spot so badly, but torn between the blue or the green. Dreams, dreams.”
    The 5Spot comes in raw, black or orange… The Sultan is raw, black and blue, the DHR is raw, black and green…

    I love ano frames, and the 5-spot with DW-link looks really good IMO.

    Is it me, or does there look to be no mud clearance at all on the flux’s rear end?

    Dang it. When I got my DW 5 Spot the bits I quite fancied are now on the new frames. And I like that orange colour. Feck…

    DHR please santa size large

    btw, I just had a shufty on the turner site, they have 2011 flux sultan and 5spot framesets or with 2012 build kit on special. that raw finish looks great …. must … resist

    “Gusset and super neat(ish) welding” minor correction. For super neat welding see Nicolai 🙂


    Swoopy down tube is horrible 🙁

    I liked the look of Turners’ for their old fashioned straight tubes.

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