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The evenings are drawing in and that means only one thing…

NIGHT RIDES! We’re gathering lights for our lighting grouptest and the first in were these pre-production samples from Lezyne.

Powerdrive is powerful.
Minidrive is mini.
And Superdrive is, er, super!
Light and frothy.

Lezyne Lights

The Mini Drive (£49.99), Power Drive (£79.99) and Super Drive (£99.99) are all neatly machined lumps of sturdy aluminium with varying amounts of lumens and differing beam patterns. We’ve not quite unavlled how they all work yet but in the shine-it-round-the-office-with-the-lights-off test, they did well. These are bar mount lights but we’ve also been sent an exclusive sneak spy shot of Lezyne’s protoype helmet mount being tested under rigorous conditions that look not dis-similar to our office on a Monday morning…

Price: Mini Drive (£49.99), Power Drive (£79.99) and Super Drive (£99.99)
From: Upgrade,

Exposure Diablo. A hell of a light.
Exposure Toro. Sim thinks it needs a rear red light called Matador.
Maxx-D. Like having a can of sunshine on your bars.
We always love fiddling with a Joystick.

Exposure Lights

All the lights are self contained with no batteries to strap on seperately thanks to Exposure’s Cable Free Design though you can Piggy Back an extra battery if you just don’t want to go home.
New for 2012 arebrighter LEDs, an Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) system and a sealed and gold plated charge port to keep the cack out.

MaXx-D Mk.4
The barmounted workhorse of the range. Four Cree XPG R5 LEDs offering up to 1285 lumens with a burn time of 3-24 hours.

Toro Mk.3
The Maxx-D’s bright little brother. Three Cree XPG R5 LEDs offering up to 975 lumens with a burn time of 3-24 hours.

Diablo Mk.3
Like a mini dumbell for your head. Three Cree XPG R5 LEDs offering up to 975 lumens with a burn time of 1-10 hours.

and lastly the Joystick Mk.6
Not much bigger than a tube of lipstick but probably more use in a dark woodland. One Cree XPG R5 LED offering 325 lumens with a burn time of 3-24 hours.

From: Exposure Lights,

Hope R4 LED Light

New for 2012 is Hope’s R4 LED featuring four Cree XPG R5 LEDs offering a claimed measured 1000 lumens (1446 generated)and a burn time of 1.15-8 hours.
The bar mounted light comes complete with a redesigned headtorch fitting making it ideal for multisport illumination. And did we mention it’s dinky compared to the old Vision4?

Price: £250
From: Hope,


What a British front end you have.

Hope headset

Choosing which headset fits in what frame has become something of a confusing task, gone are the days of one-n-one-eigth on everything and here are the days of multiple tapered headtube ‘standards’. Whilst there has been an attempt to simplify things by giving everything a ‘standardised’ number it’s still not as easy as it should be. Hope have produced a neat diagram that helps you work out what headset you need for your frame and then assigned a letter for the bottom cup and a number for the top cup. You can then pick-n-mix cups to fit your frame. So here we have a 4F combo, easy!

Price: £30 per cup.
From: Hope,

Just add big mountains.

661 Kyle Strait Knee Pads and Maxxis Ardent Tyres

Jenn is off to the Alps this week (yes, we know she’s only just got here) for a holiday, so big tyres and safe knees have arrived – these are old faithful ‘(not) Kyle Straits’, and we should be seeing samples of the new versions very soon too. Ardents are another office favourite for big mountain days out and in the 2.4in flavour they’re lots of fun.

Price: Pads, £44.99. Tyres, £47.99 each.
From: One Industries,

Want to tweak the angle of your dangle?

Works Components Angle Headset

Probably as many Lapierre owners have found – the internal diameter of the Lapierre’s tapered headtube is not as standard as other people’s standard – So no Cane Creek anglesets for you.

Have no fear though Works Components are doing this lovely fixed 1.5 degree angleset (for use with a 1/8th fork ) For instant Nico Vouilloz like cornering ability. Facts below.

1.5 Degree EC44 – ZS55 – Lapierre Fitment Angle Headset
– Fits headtube internal diameter – 44mm Upper – EC44, 55mm Lower – ZS55 –
– To suit standard 1 1/8″ steerer tube forks. (28.6 – 30.015)
– 41mm OD, 45 x 45 Degree AC sealed bearings.
– Insertion debth: 9mm Upper, 16mm Lower.
– Cup Stack height: 3.5mm – Total upper stack height inc bearing cover: 15mm
– Proudly machined in the UK from 6082 T6, Black Anodize finish
-Complete with headset top-cap and star-nut.

Other sizes are available .

Price: £79.99
From: Works Components,

World Cup pedigree included.

Lizard Skin Peaty Grips

Not all grips are created equal and not all grips suit all hands, but these Lizard Skin Peaty grips are an office favourite, how can they not be with the big man from Sheffields name on them! As well as the black and grey combo seen here there’s a more patriotic white grip with red and blue anodised collars.

Price: £19.99
From: 2Pure,

Loud is the new quiet. From £35.
Are you man enough to wear these? £85.
Got the t-shirt? Get the helmet too! £140
Wait, could this be what we've been waiting for…
…Gulf Racing livery clothing! £45.


POC gear has been much in demand but not very available, but with 2Pure taking on distribution we’re hoping things are going to change. The trademark loud colours seem to split opinion but the general consensus here is one of love rather than hate. Bright colours make for better photoshoots and happy photographers.

Price: Helmets, £140. Shorts, £85, Gloves, £45. T-shirts from £35.
From: 2Pure,


The box says big, light, slim, tough, tuneable. Sounds good to us.

DMR Vault Pedals

Sim loves a good flat pedal and word on the street is these DMR Vaults are premium foot parking places. The low profile and weight coupled with a large area to plonk your meat plates on and shiny anodising with jewel-like blue pins ticks a lot of boxes. As well as being rather good looking on the outside they’ve got some substance on the inside with a heavy duty steel axle and serviceable bush and cartridge bearings. It almost seems a shame they are destined to be scraped and bounced off rocks really.

Price: £89.99
From: Upgrade,

Jenn Hill was the deputy editor here at Singletrack up until her untimely death from Lung Cancer in October 2015. She was and remains an inspiration to us all here at Singletrack. Jenn Hill - 1977-2015

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