Eurobike 2011: Saracen

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More moving images from Eurobike: This time Saracen with their new 160mm bike and improved, lighter Ariel 140mm bikes. Plus, cunning new features that ensure you’ll always get the right parts for you bike. Oh, there are some chimpanzee noises too.

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Comments (14)

    that 160mm looks ace…

    I said less of me… more of the bike!!

    Dare I say it, but those look pretty good. I’m impressed

    Both the 140 and 160 look great for 2012. The new direction on styling really works.

    Very nice bikes! Loving the colour scheme on the new ariel 140!

    Looking pretty good but yeah, bit less footage of the geezer, more of the actual bikes maybe…

    Really like the look of the 160mm but find it real hard to get past the rep-damage done by Halfords bikes etc…Good to see the brand coming out with some great stuff.

    My goodness – so much reporting for EuroBike to read through, and I’ve only been away a couple of days!
    160 looks ace. 2D barcodes are a great idea…mmmm….. and I can see what they did with the Kashima colouring on the 140, but not my cup of tea, personally. The Mantra looks like a Boardman for people who don’t like Boardmans. Wonder how they’ll match up, price-wise.

    Looks nothing like a boardman….

    Lookin’ good Wildman (the bikes that is)!

    Get those rainbow stripes on them! )

    Like the idea of the 2D barcodes. Scratch magnets? 😉

    Very good looking bikes, be good to see some prices/specs. Over to the Saracen site to see if the new stuff is up yet (Bob Hope I suspect).

    Yeah, maybe I should rephrase that. What I mean is it looks like an option ‘vs the Boardman’ (thinking of the Comp model) for someone in (what expect will be) the £550-£750 section of the market for some one who doesn’t like Boardmans (for whatever the reason, such as white paint job, epicon forks etc) and I wonder how they’ll match up price wise (given the strong Boardman spec, and that the Saracen looks like a decent bike for the money). …Just takes a lot longer to say all that 🙂

    New website coming shortly… we only got the ariels and mysts 1 day before we drove to eurobike. in the studio thurs/fri this week…. busy as… updates to come.

    I’d prefer pricing comparisions to other IBD only brands as we will never be able to compete with brands sold mainly through large chains.

    We have good prices and specs for 2012.

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