Eurobike 2011: Local Colour

by Chipps 7

And here’s a sort of un-ordered collection of things that caught my eye at Eurobike this year, but that don’t fit into any particular story. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment… Chipps


The Genesis 29er - we've seen it before, but now it has a name: Fortitude


A for-charity fundraiser by CK. Inspired by a Japanese review that said that of the Chris King hub; "It rolls good with angry bee sound"


It's a Cube, in bright, but good colours and with neat cables.





Do not adjust your set. Doesn't look good with a hangover though.





Endura is 20 this year and celebrated with a cake and IPA



Mmm... '70s muscle-car paint anyone?





The Claw and the Rey


It's fashion Jim. But not as we know it


Joe Murray walking the aisles


Cadel is somewhere in that scrum



Charge Bikes stand and hosts for many UK bike industry folks to have a beer one night


We can see Cotic, DMR, Polaris, Road CC (and our own 'C.C.' all in this shot


We'd like the set please!


Seen on the Enve booth. Sweet



Crema Cycles were true to their name and gave us great espresso


Big thigh owners only...


It's like the French exchange all over again


OK Chris, give me 'the tiger'


Everyone enjoys helping their boss feel even more embarrassed and King's Chris Distefano is no exception, holding this flashgun for some random Chris King interview


'I'm still enjoying it...'


Late night youngsters getting down. Us old folks were stood round the edge (or home in bed)


There's at least one Red Bull sponsored rider there, along with Gracia and more



How do we think this looks compared to the Niner fork?



29in Dugast tyres and a bike called 'Anakin' - how can you lose?


Great limited edition Raleigh (from Raleigh International) that doubtless we won't see in the UK.


And another... It's been so long since down tube shifters that they look appealing - because we've forgotten what a pain they were


Look again - closer this time


And you thought 650b had gone away. KHS is keeping the 'tween 26 and 29in size alive




Would you ride a 'Radon - Black Sin'?


This is the KTM stand, that takes up about 5% of one of the 15 halls... It's a BIG show


Electric assist, all mountain bike. There were quite a few there.


Liteville. They're popular in Europe...


A carbon electric-assist Corratec


If you've got it, flaunt it...



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  1. Thanks! the FRM looks tasty.

  2. Maybe hope could do a ringtone?

  3. Liteville looks neat. Can we get them over here?

  4. Great pics keep em coming
    agree that FRM looks very nice

  5. My favourite sight at Eurobike was the two German chaps having a beer and a cigarette at around 9.30am. Breakfast of champions.

  6. Plenty more pics, including some of the more odd-ball ones still to come. The breakfast of choice at where we stayed seemed to be ‘cola-beer’ – half of each.

    There were a couple of UK distributors sniffing around Liteville.

  7. I’ll take an FRM and a back up Fortitude please.

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