Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender: Video

by singletrackjon 15

Jon and Dom braved the elements – and risked their camera gear drowning – to bring you this video of last weekend’s awesomeness.

The event that takes in a trials competition, downhill and cross country race and squeezes them into a single weekend of friendly fun and competition once again took place at Lee Quarry in Lancashire.

Bigger and better than before thanks to title sponsors Shimano, the competitors braved the random weather and were rewarded with sunshine and good times.

A full write-up of the Weekender will be in the next issue of Singletrack magazine, complete with non-moving pictures and lots of words.​weekender

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  1. What’s the tune in the background?

  2. It’s ‘Rose Garden’ by ‘Shad’ 😀

  3. You can just see my bike and arm in the background of one of those scenes 🙂

  4. For more photo from the classic weekender go to
    Good weekend great event. A big thank you to Kirsty Forrester for giving me a lift home and also for coming second in the senior women cat. Don’t forget about Jan the pumptrack Winner and the gopro guy for giving me some beer.Cheers.

  5. I can’t get your site to load Andy

  6. The GoPro guy was more than likely Jake. Was he a scruffy bugger?

  7. @Mister P- yep! big stretched ear piercings and that. good lad.

  8. Some nice pics there Andy.

  9. Nice weather! Glad I was over in North Wales, 25 degrees, staring at 18 year old girls in bikinis whilst nursing the hangover from hell.

  10. Splendid film, certainly gets the spirit of the event across.

    Just got my photos up, 700 odd searchable by rider number, here:

  11. excellent photos Duncan, well done!

  12. Loving the pics Duncan 🙂 Cheers!

  13. Fantastic pics Duncan, I almost look like I know what I’m doing… Rider #81

  14. I’ve done a write up of last week brilliant weekender. Check it out here:

  15. Nice photos Duncan, you must have a really good camera

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