The Orange Patriot Returns

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There have been sneak peaks and a host of prototype spy shots but now it’s official; the Patriot is back. Here’s the official press release:

The Patriot makes a return to the Orange Mountain Bikes lineup for 2012. Taking up a position between the Alpine 160 and 224, the new bike delivers 180mm of balanced single pivot suspension. The original was responsible for much of our direction in design, the 2012 bike more than lives up to the name…

Highlight features at a glance:

  • The monocoque down tube profile develops stiffness and reduces weight. The top tube adopts similar technology, allowing a front end that is lighter and stronger than a hydroformed equivalent.
  • The 1.5″ headtube houses a tapered fork with an external bearing bottom cup and zero-stack top. The best option for strength and weight, but also future proofing frame design and allowing compatibility with angle-adjust headsets.
  • The 30.9mm seat tube diameter adds height adjustable seat post compatability, with guides keeping cabling tidy.
  • Maintenance free 32mm pivot assembly keeps the bike out of the workshop and on the trail.
  • Maxle rear as standard, the frame is super stiff with accurate tracking for surefooted confidence.
  • Standard ISCG tabs allow easy chain device installation.
  • Low pivot placement keeps the suspension super active but controlled and efficient. Small bump sensitivity with enough climbing poise to earn your turns. The same position as the Five, it rides light but takes the hits.
  • A Super slack 65.5° head-angle lets you rip through the rough stuff, with a planted BB height keeping you in the centre of the bike. The ride characteristics of the old packaged with the best of the new.


Neat gussett and neat graphics.
Still made in The Valley©
And still only one pivot.
1.5" headtube means all options are open.
Room for a front mech too for good old winching action.
Flying the flag.

Coming July 1st…
The 2012 Patriot will be available from July 1st as a complete build or frame only package. The standard bike retails at £2999.99 with a Fox Van RC shock, Marzocchi 66 RCV 180mm fork, Hope hubs, Avid Elixir brakes, Truvativ finishing kit and a RaceFace/Shimano transmission. The usual array of upgrade options will be offered including the Cane Creek Double Barrel, Hope Tech V2 brakes, RockShox Reverb seat post, Gammut chain device and new for 2012, the Renthal Fatboy bar and Duo stem.

The Patriot is a hard riding big-mountain machine built for slamming into turns and boosting off lips. Ready to winch you to the top it’s capable of technical climbing, but the Patriot is all about the gravity fuelled good times. A downhill bike too big and slow but six inches not capable enough? The Patriot is the perfect midpoint. See it as a UK downhill bike, a lightweight freeride bike or something to pedal around the Alps. The Patriot is bred tough whatever the tag line, the only limits are your nerves…

We want one. Or maybe two.


Comments (29)

    at last, my new bike.

    I like it, but come on Orange – don’t boast about how lightweight it is and then not give us the weight.

    Love it. Loved the older one and this looks great.

    Odd, the third picture of the white one shows what looks like a hole in the swingarm for internal cable routing (same place as on a 5 and with the same grommet) but the actual cable routing is along the top of the swingarm.

    going to count the pennies in the jar.. and the kids piggy bank

    Is it just me or is it a bit odd to have a 2012 model available on the first day of the second half of 2011?

    With more and more brands seeming to do similar, is it even worth having model years these days? Should they be split into half year models, e.g. 2011-1 and 2011-2? They do it for running shoes and clothing so why not bikes and components given the latest trends?

    “it’s capable of technical climbing”

    – with a 65.5 deg head angle? Suppose it depends on your take of ‘technical’ climbing. Maybe a bend in the fire road…..

    ““it’s capable of technical climbing”

    – with a 65.5 deg head angle? Suppose it depends on your take of ‘technical’ climbing. Maybe a bend in the fire road….”

    Climbing ability is more to do with seat angle actually.

    Adjustable fork for climbing flexibility an answer?

    If you want a good single pivot all mountain rig for a good price then you should check my trusty Ellsworth Joker thats up for sale in the classifieds 😉 Better than an Orange 5 in my view

    Dosent look any different to the original one apart form a few tweaks, nothing new here, move along, nothing too see

    Yet another single pivot, with 99% the same design features as all their other current (and previous..) models – apart from Blood, ST4 (and perhaps another one…).

    Not much has really changed in 12 years since my Patriot frame was made!!

    Come on Orange, put some effort into R&D!!

    if it aint broke……….

    Mint – I’d have one if only I could break my current Patriot.
    Reckon it’ll climb ok too, the older ones always did, despite what the whingers say. As for R&D, Orange do plenty of it, in their own way. Why re-invent the wheel? A few tweaks to a classic makes more sense to me than doing something radical or space-age just to satisfy suckers and gadget freaks.

    I think you guys should wait until about November time before you start testing it 😛

    Orange should never have dropped this bike in my opinion. good to see it back.

    really nice bike…

    easygirl said:

    Dosent look any different to the original one apart form a few tweaks

    Well, it’s an ugly single pivot. Seems to be the only things it has in common with the old ones, especially the original

    Dang, quote html doesn’t work.

    “hepstanton said: On June 21, 2011
    – with a 65.5 deg head angle? Suppose it depends on your take of ‘technical’ climbing. Maybe a bend in the fire road…..”

    My Hemlock’s about 66 and goes up anything I can go up. It’s not all about the head angles

    Oh and do want, very much, oh yes.

    “Better than an Orange 5 in my view”

    And you’re trying to sell your Joker? Funny that. 😉

    since when have all multipivot bikes been pretty?
    911s never look much different but if you drive a 70s version compared with a 2011 version even the most cloven footed of you might perceive a difference!

    Call me shallow but I am loving the Black and Gold

    Those forks look like spaghetti on that bike…

    I’d happily swap my Patriot xcel for one, the one with the proper forks (marzocchi’s) that is, not the one with the “sorry i can’t go out tonight i’m changing my oil” Fox’s..

    I have a prototype of this bike and it’s fantastic.

    It looks a lot like mine. No bad thing though, it’s ace 🙂

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