Bespoked Bristol – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2011

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This weekend, on the Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June, the British answer to the North American Handmade Bike Show will take place in Bristol. Bespoked Bristol will showcase the talents of independent makers and designers of bicycles, small-scale makers of premium products, components, clothing and bicycle accessories.

Wood - the other carbon fibre

As well as being packed with beautifully finished fixies, tourers and road exotica, there will be mountain bikes on show from the likes of Burls and Hammoon. It’s probably not the right place to be if you’re looking for your next freeride bike but if attention to detail and craftsmanship make you warm and fuzzy you’ll be right at home.

Here’s what the organisers have to say:

“In three days the greatest bicycle makers in this country will all be heading to Bristol’s Bespoked Bristol – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show – to meet and show their wares to an eagerly awaiting public. Fire and metal, coupled with the exquisite skills of the artisans, come together to form the most beautiful and desirable bicycles on the planet!

This inaugural show is the event for bicycle makers and customers to come together, to discuss and share ideas. Buying a custom bicycle means embarking on a partnership that will hopefully last a lifetime. Where partners must be chosen wisely – a fellowship between customer and builder. Everyone’s riding philosophy is different and to have a bicycle made that reflects your style, involves meeting those who can understand your needs.

Bespoked Bristol is not a trade fair where you are shown products, this is a place to view craftsmanship, discuss possibilities and buy dreams!

Bespoked Bristol is the UK’s first handmade bicycle show, celebrating the craft of beautiful bicycles.”

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  1. Wow, looks like a great show. But who on earth wrote the copy for the press release? My English teacher would have a heart attack!
    Looking forward to some lovely photos from the show though.

    : P

  2. Could have done with some more warning … booked up this weekend.

    Looking forward to the photos!

  3. ” Fire and metal coupled with the exquisite skills of the artisan’s come” – really???

  4. Looking forward to going on Saturday (better leave my credit card at home)

  5. “there wears”

    Consecutive spelling mistakes in the press release, doesn’t really sit well with “attention to detail and craftsmanship”.

    Just sayin’

  6. I’d love to couple some fire to those handlebars. Mercian and Argos are not on the attendees list…yikes.

  7. What beard for fashionista? 😉

  8. Aw Bum, too short notice. Could have planned a trip to the in-laws, then gone to this!

  9. Late notice? it has been all over the web for the last 9 months!

  10. “the event for bicycle makers and customers to come together”


    “Where partners must be chosen wisely”

    Keys in a bowl, anyone?

  11. We are going on sunday 🙂 whoop!

  12. This is really cool. I usually like to go up to the mountain resorts and ride my bike. I recently purchased one from and it is so cool. I can’t wait to go up to the mountains and break in my new bike!! 🙂

  13. and remember folks the Cheesy monthly bike jumble is on tomorrow at 12.00, 15 mins ride from the show outside Mud Dock…

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