Orange ST4 Blackout Special Edition

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Following the success of their limited edition run of ‘Blackout’ Orange Fives, the boys from Halifax have decided to give the ST4 trail bike a similar makeover with the release of the Orange ST4 Pro Blackout.

Limited edition gets 140mm travel adjust forks up front plus custom extras...

Only ten of them are going to be made and once again they will feature the sparkly disco black paintjob with exclusive green Hope Tech X2 Special Edition brakes, black floating rotors, black mounts and titanium bolts throughout. A Hope headset, rear QR skewer and seat-clamp continue the British theme and the bar caps and swing link are in a matching powdercoat green.

The changes to the bike are more than superficial – the Blackout will be the only ST4 available with 140mm of travel up front instead of the 120 of the standard bike. Orange reckon that’ll transform the bike into a harder hitting machine,  the 110-140mm travel adjustable Fox 32 TALAS fork with the latest FIT damper and rebound, lockout and compression adjustment coming straight from the Five Pro.

The ST4 Pro Blackout has an RRP of £3,100 and you can head to the Orange Bikes website here to find out more.

We reviewed the standard ST4 Pro back in Issue 64 of Singletrack Magazine. If you’re a Digital subscriber you can read that issue in full here or as a standalone review here.

Comments (13)

    At least they’ve put black forks on this one.
    But why the green bits, if its supposed to be a “black” bike?


    Its to match the brakes. How are the brakes Exclusive? The black/green combo can be picked up in my LBS and several others I have visited lately.

    Green was supposed to be exclusive to sponsored riders, guess that means no more! Great marketing exercise this bike, BNG taken to the next level…

    I agree; it should be totally black with matt black graphics

    looks like its from 1999

    Yes, you;d have got in trouble with the air raid warden for riding round with all those shiny bits and white graphics if there was a REAL blackout.

    You can’t make silk purse out of a sows ear

    @easygirl – a much nicer way to say you can’t polish a turd but you can give it a lick of paint and some sparkles

    Black bike are heavier.

    I likes it. I likes it a lot more than the stupidly named 5 blackout which had white forks!
    They’ll do well with this.

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