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Lunch break dragging on? Work just too boring to do? We’re here to help, with a good serving of distraction to help you get through the day.

First up we’ve got loads of videos from the recent Fort William World Cup but this is one of the best. CRC/Nukeproof team manager and cheeky chappy Nige Page (congratulations on the new addition to the family by the way) crosses the line between the web and the real world and asks the pros what the Facebook using public want to know: who’s harder, Dan or Gee? Does Danny Hart plan his pinball lines or is he just rad? All will be answered…

Calum was working on the Alpine Bikes stall over the weekend but managed to sneak off during his lunchbreaks to shoot this nice edit of the event.

We’ll have a quick pain interlude with this video of a London fixie rider going for a gap that just wasn’t there. Ouch.

About to take the run of your life down an incredibly rocky and brutal track to sample the lofty high of victory or the crushing low of defeat? STOP! You haven’t set up your spoke tensions have you? And I bet you’ve still got grease in your hub bearings, muggins. Have you even considered what the ambient temperature might do to your carefully set up tyre pressures? Of course you haven’t.

Luckily Dave Garland (Stendec and CRC/Nukeproof team mechanic) is here to share some real insights into the level of prep that goes into setting up the wheels and tyres of a World Cup race bike…

What have Jesus and editor Chipps got in common? No, not beards. No, not immaculate conception. Look, he doesn’t have stigmata either and the less said about the second coming the better. Stop being silly – while Jesus could mess with people’s heads and go for a stroll on the Sea of Galilee it turns out Chipps can go to the Dam of Gaddings and ride on water. Believe. They’ll be nailing to him to a cross yet…

Some of you might remember that at last year’s Cycle Show in London BMXer Niki Croft had a serious crash while demoing there. He was put into a medically induced coma meant to last for a few hours but spent two days floating between life and death. When he woke up he was a changed man but his passion for riding remained. This film is part of the Short Stories competition from Relentless Energy Drink and follows his journey from accident to recovery. It’s really rather inspiring – although he does use some bad words, so be careful if you’re a bit sensitive. Always wear a helmet kids!

This video is everywhere and rightly so. Jed Milton officially lands the first ever triple backflip on a BMX. Bonkers.

This is rather cool – a skatepark styled like a pinball machine, complete with lights, noises and a scoring system. Just needs some flippers – although the presenter manages to eat plywood unaided. LOLZ.

Just because we’re in a crashing mood today, here’s some classic Josh Bender cliff slamming from NWD2. Makes you realise that all the massive hucks and tricks we see today were brought into reality by one man smashing his brains out, bleeding all over Utah and Kamloops and riding a massive bike which blew more seals than an eskimo. Ahem.

If you’ve seen or made anything which you reckon should be up here then send an email to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com for us to have a look…

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