2011 Original Source Mountain Mayhem: Podium Results

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Here are the podium results. We only have lap counts for a couple of categories – sorry! Full results for everyone will be up as soon as we get them from the organisers.

Expert Mixed Team

1) Hope Technology (29 laps)
2) Team Scott (29 laps)
3) A W Cycles (27 laps)

Solo Men

1) Anthony White (21 laps)
2) David Powell (21 laps)
3) Jason Miles (20 laps)

Solo Women

1) Rickie Cotter
2) Lisa Kamphausen
3) Sally Dawe

Open Men

1) Mebalsa Ritchey
2) RAF Cycling 1
3) Bike Shed Wales

Teams Of Ten

1) Billy Wells Dingbats
2) Fen Boy Slackers
3) Magura Factory Racing

Singlespeed Teams

1) Bike Shed Wales
2) Big Bear Bikes
3) One Cog Zimmers


1) Bath University / Road.cc
2) Imperial College
3) University of Sheffield CC


1) RAF Cycling 1
2) Army Cycling A
3) Army Cycling B

Veterans Overall

1) Cycle Shack A
2) Soup Dragons
3) South Downs Bikes Vets

Veterans Singlespeed

1) My Knees Hurt
2) Martin Rose (Solo)
3) Richard Ezzard (Solo)

Open Women

1) Scott Contessa
2) Four 4th Lights
3) Race Line Girls

Sport Men

1) Woo Ha Rammit
2) Stif.co.uk
3) Lumicycle Leicester Off Road

Sport Mixed

1) Revolution Bikes (25 laps)
2) South Downs Bikes (24 laps)
3) Soup Dragons (24 laps)

Sport Women

1) Planetfear.com
2) Clifton & Big Bear Bikes
3) Craven Energy Grasshoppers

Comments (7)

    Scott beaten by Hope – not often you see that…

    >Scott beaten by Hope – not often you see that…

    Hope did have none other than Liam Kileen in the team!

    How much is on the cheques?

    ladies got no prize money i hear

    There were cash prizes for the Expert Mixed and both the solo categories. The main Open and Sport categories got prizes, but no cash. I think the Expert Mixed winners cheque was for £3k and the winning soloists got £1k.

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