Sea Otter: 2012 SRAM and Rockshox

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Greg Herbold was once again MCing the proceedings at the Rockshox launch. And by providing sandwiches for all the journalists SRAM ensured a full house to see a selection of its 2012 offerings..

Greg Herbold doing what he does best.

The first thing HB did was to introduce their new 3200cu-ft truck/trailer with its 8.3litre turbo. They’re hoping it lasts them another 15 years, like their last one.

First up, and from a distance, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is an XTR equipped bike, but that’s because there’s a new, hand-mirror-polish version of SRAM’s XO groupset. And very shiny it is too…

Shiny cranks, shifters, brakes and derailleur


We're liking that white shock too...


White hoses really help make it look nice.



Wait, is that Paul from MRP on stage? What's he doing there?

There’s a new collaboration between SRAM and MRP in the works (no, SRAM hasn’t bought MRP – not that we know anyway, they’re just working together) – there’s a new chain device at an XO level – it’s basically the MRP SL with custom graphics, but seeing as they’ve only been working together since Eurobike, expect some SRAM specific stuff shortly.

So here's the XO guard - it features a skid plate, alloy back plate and lower roller.


Paul stares serenely into space for the papparazzi


HB mugs with the black version. Incidentally there's a 32-36T version and a 36-40 version and it comes in ISCG 05, ISCG and BB mount


Brian Bos shows off some of the new Truvativ handlebars - in a nutshell they get a little wider and have BNG (Bold New Graphics)


'And here's my surprised face'


Some Truvativ Noir highlights: There’s a 700mm riser bar with 5° up sweep and 9° back which weights 190g. There’s also a Noir flat bar with 10° sweep coming in at 180g.

Yep, it's a new finish and graphics.


The 'classic' Boobar - it's very wide. 780mm or so


And in the corner was a black sheet draped over a mystery new product. With a bit of fanfare, Herbold unveiled it.

You could have ironed the sheet, Greg

Yep, there’s a new SID 29er for the big wheel racers. This World Cup version weights 1582g… pretty good for a big wheel fork. It features carbon crown and steerer, 32 uppers, 15mm Maxle Lite and drilled bushings. It’ll come in 100mm or 80mm and 15mm or QR.



That's a regular Monarch rear shock that Jeremiah Boobar is holding - it's 210g, the amount of weight that they reckon you save over any other 29er fork out there. (So far)


Postmount - and U-Turn air too. US price is between $750 and $1190 for the full works version.


This is the new shiny finish option for XO

SRAM is now introducing new 2×10 ratios, which will please the freeriders, 29ers and UK riders… Available in XO, X9, X7, X5 it’ll start being available in 24 x 38T and 22 x 36T (which, interestingly moves away from SRAM’s ‘perfect’ and patented ratio between rings of 1.5:1 – but it’s in order to get those lower gear ratios. You’ll also be able to get a new, smaller spider for those cranks with removeable ones. There’s also a new front mech that will cope with these new sizes – and the clamp stays in the same place so you it’ll work with whatever frame you currently have.


A close up of that new mirror XO


Shifters, cranks and mech


Essentially an MRP G2 guide in a dress, but look for some more specific things in future.


A pimp white Monarch Plus shock.


Shiny and carbon - racers' favourite colours


The rear mech gets a shine too...


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