Premier: Sea Otter Image Dump #2

by Chipps 11

OK Prems! Here’s some more good stuff. Proper stories to follow when I get a spare minute!

Cheers, Chipps

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Comments (11)

  1. Thanks.

    Any weights for the Sram XO Silver and info on the 2012 fox 36 float and van?

  2. The SRAM weights are exactly the same as the regular ones, minus the weight of the anodising or paint I reckon…
    The 2012 Float and Van are all physically the same (that I can tell), but slipperier. If you give me a specific model (there are hundreds of options), I’ll give you a weight

  3. Cheers Chips. Fox 36 Van 160 rc2 and 36 Float 160 rlc, think they might be called Factory Fox now?

    What the RRP (in $) & weight of the X0 22/36 crank?

  4. You didn’t say tapered or non – I told you it was complicated.
    Van 36/160 is around 5.12lbs, Float 160RLC is 4.48lbs in Factory spec. I don’t know RRPs yet.

  5. Ooh that Truvativ bash and guide looks cool, hope it’s not x0 priced though, would it be specific to x0 cranks? Not up to speed with x0

  6. Between trickstuff, Hope and TRP, it looks like 2011-2012 is shaping up to be a great year for people who wants to run hydro discs with drop bars.

  7. What are the grips in image 13?

  8. Not sure about the grips, but as they were in the Shimano booth, I reckon maybe Pro grips?

  9. Aye – they’re Pro Tharis grips

  10. Thanks guys, they look like just my thing, will investigate 😉

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