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Nemo Tuo Standard mat

The Tuo is a 4cm thick inflatable mummy style camping mat which has two air chambers so you can tweak the squidge until you’re happy. It weighs a smidgen over 1kg but they do make a 3/4 length version called the Cub if that’s too much heft.

One valve controls the upper ‘comfort’ layer…

…and the lower layer should iron out rocks, tufts and any peas you may have set up camp on.

Price: £70

From: Beyond Hope

Mavic Crosstrail wheelset

The Crosstrail wheelset is a disc-specific wheelset that uses a load of Mavic’s advanced construction features at a more affordable price. The rim has a non-drilled UST type spoke bed, is welded as well as pinned and then machined inbetween spokes to reduce the weight.

There are 24 tangential pull, bladed steel spokes on the sealed cartridge bearing hubs. They’re fitted for Centrelock rotors and they use quick releases front and rear. They’re a decent weight too, at 1,820g for the pair.

Price: £390

From: Mavic

Catlike Kompact Pro helmet

This is the Spanish brand’s more affordable helmet. The basic design of the Kompact has been around for eight years, with eyecatching looks and 21 massive vents but it’s been brought up to date with a in-moulded shell plus new and improved retention system and padding. There’s a little vestigal peak which can be removed if you fancy too…

Price: £89.99

From: Nemesis Active

Renthal SR4 chainrings

The advent of ten speed and wider ratio cassettes means using a single ring setup is becoming more of an option for trail riding. Renthal have kindly sent us a pair of their Single Ring 4 chainrings in 32 and 36T flavours so we can try it out on a couple of our Long Termer bikes. They’re 8, 9 and 10spd compatible and are made in the UK from 7075 T6 aluminium, which is CNC machined and hard anodised.

They come in a four arm, 104mm BCD pattern and sizes from 32 to 44T. Weight is 38g for the 32T and 50g for the 36T, so they’re nice and light too.

Price: £39.99

From: Renthal

Renthal Kevlar BMX grips and glue

Lock on grips have may have become the flavour of the month but it’s hard to get a really thin grip as they need a solid plastic base. Renthal have come up with these push on grips which use a sticky material reinforced with tiny particles of Kevlar. Renthal say that these last up to three times as long as their soft compound versions while being just as grippy, if you excuse the pun. As they’re used, more Kevlar is exposed so they should get grippier the more they’re used.

To keep them in place we’ve got this special grip glue, which holds the grips in place without reacting with and damaging the rubber.

Price: Kelvar grips: £11.99 Grip glue: £3.99

From: Renthal


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  1. that intense is purty

  2. Intense is ugly. CNC’ing a full frame is the future.

    I was liking the ‘cheap’ Mavic wheels until I read the £400 bit.

    And the £400 sleeping mat.

    And the £400 one man tent.

  3. There’s a great LFGSS thread on the Hiplok…

  4. My Tracer 2 and all the others I know of have come as standard with QR dropouts and not 142×12.

  5. Mavic wheels? Where They?

    That Intense looks pretty well perfect to me. Maybe 1 point off for the colour

  6. Davey Boy – the mat is £70, it’s not FG without the odd typo 😉

  7. Second page. My apologies, the sleep mat is £70. I must have been seeing things…

  8. Ah, I didn’t think my brain had reached 4pm yet Jon 😉

  9. Ah, *only* £70 for a mat. Bargain.

  10. Was the placement of the JCB-yellow Intense in front of that digger deliberate or a strange subliminal accident?
    Nice spec anyway, nothing obvious to change apart from the colour.

  11. intense looks nice..

    less fuglier than a an Orange.

  12. Those grips look like dildo’s.

  13. Is that a Shimano/Fox style QR lever on the back of the Intense? I always liked the Shimano system on my forks.

  14. ichabodcrane – Extra UK have just said that 135QR will be standard rather than 142 – apologies for duff info…

  15. After all the fuss about swearing and by-passing the swearing filter incase minors read the site. We have images of drug abuse! *Shakes head*

    Hehe lol

  16. That intense is defo no looker – infact I prefer the Orange Five! Fugly.

  17. Does STW encourage solvent abuse?

  18. “They’re still hand made in the USA…”

    No guarantee of quality though…

    *wonders if the frame is straight*

  19. The top might still be on the glue 😉

  20. We have images of drug abuse!

    is Vicks Sinex a drug now?

  21. 28lbs 🙁 with all that bling shouldn’t it be light?

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