Gorrick Spring Series Round 2 Venue change

by singletrackjon 1

There’s a last minute change of venue for the Gorrick Spring Series Round 2 this Sunday the 6th February. It’s now going to be held at Crowthorne Woods, not at Heath Warren as advertised. Joolze has more below:

“This is due to circumstances outside of Gorrick’s control where the landowner has double booked the venue with another event. Despite our booking being made first the other event is taking precedence. It’s a shame as we know many riders were looking forward to returning to Heath Warren after a few years out of the circuit. It is considerably more frustrating for us as we have already spent a huge amount of time over there recovering the forgotten trails, building new ones and replacing the bridge sections. C’est la vie!

We are of course aware that Round 1 was at Crowthorne and we know you always like variety in your racing. So, please be rest assured that the trails and route of the course will differ to that. In terms of distance the lap length and expected lap times will also be a little shorter than at R1.

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  1. I was looking forward to Heath Warren.
    poxy motorbikes tearing it all up again

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