Freeride trail at Llandegla now open

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Last Saturday saw the grand opening of the new Freeride Area at the back of the Oneplanet Adventure Centre at Coed Llandegla, North Wales. Following on from the recent additions of the 2.1km of flowing ‘True Blue’ trail and the black graded ‘Parallel Universe’ section, the Freeride run consists of 850m of tabletops, doubles and berms, the guys at Oneplanet saying it’s proving to be an “intimidating piece of trail” for many.

Oneplanet's ex World Cup racer and resident coach Neil Donoghue sends it. Pic by Laurence Crossman-Emms

At the same time as the trail was opened for the masses to damage themselves on, the centre hosted their largest demo day to date, with bikes from Orange, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Yeti, Kona and Ghost on hand as well as clothes, shoes and other kit from Five Ten, Fox and Madison. The demo day managed to raise a total of £930 for the Welsh Air Ambulance service and a total of 255 demo rides were had, the most popular bike proving to be the Orange Five. No surprises there…

However, the day was slightly tempered by a break in early on Saturday morning, staff returning to find that thieves had come in through the roof and taken Jason Rennie’s world record holding Kona Stab Supreme, which he jumped into the record books with a leap of 133ft 6in back in 2006. We’re not sure why anyone would want to steal a bike that’s been hammered that hard but here’s a picture and description of the bike…

Kona Stab (Large) in red white and blue….
Easily recognizable features include J Rennie name on top tube, One Planet stickers on the swing arm, forks and stanchions.
Rub marks at the back of the swing arm due to heavy landings.
Mismatched brake levers as one had been broken.

We hope the next thing it breaks is the neck of the thief, when it finally snaps...

That aside, everyone at Oneplanet would like to extend a huge thank you to all the reps who took time out to come out, so thanks to Jonty from Santa Cruz, Andy from Ibis, Luke and Will from Ghost, Adam from Orange, Stu from Yeti, Joe from Kona, Joe at 5.10, Chris from Fox and Stu and Andy from Madison.

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    how many bikes have been stolen recently? one after the other- where on earth do they go? i mean the latest ( j rennie’s kona, matt’s lappeirre, nuke proof dh bike- from hotlines stand) it’s not as if you won’t get noticed riding them! let’s hope they get stung by the police soon!

    I like the fact that people are building trails that really scare and intimidate me. I’ll be having a crack next time I’m there though!

    i before e except after c

    but apart from that, good news on the new trails, bad on the therf

    oh bugger that will teach me to correct spelling!!

    i before e except after c

    but apart from that, good news on the new trails, bad on the therf

    Hmmm, that’s weird…

    ha ha, have they built a bigger car park for weekends to go with the new bits or does the queue still start in Wrexham 😉

    good luck to One Planet though for investing the cash after their troubles in the weather earlier this year

    Bigger car park would certainly help – it’s normally RAMMED and a long way to drive to find no parking. But my question is is it ridable by anyone with half-reasonable skills or do I just avoid it for fear of looking like an idiot? A view of each section with a person for scale would help people assess how do-able it was!

    Has anybody seen an average rider’s report on the Freeride bit yet, or any good photos/headcams?

    I’m off there in a couple of weeks and want to judge if I could do that section….

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