Chromag Aperture

by Sim 12

Chromag make some very eye-pleasing hardtails. John at the UK distributors, Shore Lines, has got in touch about a new model, the Aperture. We like the blue a lot. Press release below…

The Aperture is a rugged, mid-weight frame designed for hardcore XC and all-mountain riding.
It features custom drawn Sanko chromo tubing, custom CNC dropouts and stainless ISCG tabs and weighs in at 5.65lbs
Production frames will be available in small, medium, large and extra large, and in red, blue or white with the first delivery due in March.
The frame is £475 and it’s available to pre-order now from Shore Lines.

Geometry info is here:

Frame pics show the prototype that doesn’t have the stainless ISCG tabs or polished head tube badge.

Comments (12)

  1. Beautiful – a hardtail to tempt the 6″ full-sus trail brigade?

  2. where’s the 2011 must have tapered headtube?
    agree with above though- built up it looks beautiful…
    perfect uk hartail? nice price too!

  3. It’s a lovely frame but that full build’s gopping. The stem offends mine eyes.

  4. That’s very nice! I do like steel frames, they just look like a bike should.

  5. there is a good video of one of these being ridden on

  6. Have to agree about the dodgy build, but the frame looks ace.

  7. Same weight, same angles, same intended use as the Samurai. Is this going to replace it?

  8. Taiwan built version of the Whistler built Samurai… which explains why it’s half the price.

  9. odd that there is no mention of the Chromag’s other new HT frame the ‘Kamui’

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