Interbike 2010: Poc, Royal, Formula, The Hive (e13) and more

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It’s taking a while to get through all our shots from Interbike. Here’s another 50 or so. There are still plenty more where they came from. So, without further ado, and in no particular order we present:

Royal Racing – there were some great, vibrant colours on the Royal Racing booth. Some bringing a new take on the ‘Oi mate, your shirt’s on fire’ heckle.

My pants are on fire!
Magazine photographers are going to be clamouring for some of this stuff. Just the ticket for a grey day.

It's not all exploding pants at Royal. There was some good subtle stuff on show for the less flambouyant.

Urge Bikes had Fabien Barel on the booth demonstrating the range of helmets that it produces. Helmets range from full-on DH to some rather ‘euro’ enduro helmets.

Far left is the 'Archi-enduro' enduro full facer. Something to challenge the venerable Met Parachute perhaps?

Swobo had a good chainlink and sofa booth showing some of its merino and organic cotton clothing.

Wool from the originators of Modern Merino

Santana: The most niche of tandems?

This Santana tandem hit all of the branches on its way out of the niche-tree. Mountain bike tandem with carbon latticework, 29in wheels, Rohloff hub and belt drive - with belt drive timing chain.

Belts and hub gears

Carbon cranks to match the carbon frame lattice inserts.

Here's the way to give out VIP party invites. Custom-engrave some dog tags.


2011 is going to be the year of the brightly coloured hydration packs.

Hope Technology

Here's a Hope hub that apparently the Americans demanded. It's a singlespeed cassette hub (with straight pull spokes) with bolted ends. Just the thing for high-torquers.

The Hive (and former e*Thirteen)

This is the backside of the new Hive DH crank (remember, they recently bought e13). Two rings or one.
165mm and made from solid chunk
Huge alloy axle (and special bottom bracket)

e13 XC chain guide for non BB mounted fitting. There are a few versions.
Downhillers are so fashion-conscious these days (darling...)
Oh look. It's the Hive's new XC crank.
XC chain devices in top and bottom 'pull' variations.
Smoked chipotle and black tea meat-rub. We'll let you know...
Need a colour-coordinated carbon road brake? Revl is one of the Hive's other projects.
A good bit of recycling going on here.

Formula brakes (and forks and wheels!)

Now, what's this? A new fork from an established manufacturer? Yes, but not who you're thinking of...
Formula is now getting into the suspension fork world. From brakes to suspension forks - Magura has gone that way too, so it's not unheard of.
'Thirty3' refers to the 33mm stanchion tubes. There'll be two versions initially - this 130-150mm air 'trail' fork.
...and this 110-130 (fixed, with changeable spacers) XC fork. This'll come in 9mm or 15mm. The Trail fork will be 15mm only. Forks will be a summer 2011 thing.
Forumula will be offering three wheelsets too. XC 26in, XC 29in and a 26in tubular wheel for mentalist racers.
Yep, tubular wheels. Niche, but nice. Wheels will be out springtime.
Formula's new two-piece rotor is claimed at three times as strong as a steel rotor.
For fans of Formula's 'The One' brake, this version comes with 'FCS' (Feeling Control System - for bite-point adjustment) and IRS (Instant Reach System - for tools-free lever adjust)

Mission Workshop

Formed by ex-employees of Chrome, Mission Workshop is going hard at the real and faux messenger markets with some really nicely made gear. We’ve got some products on test already.

MW knows how to show its luggage capacity off to good effect. 'Takes a whole crate of beer' is a good advert
SPD shoes that are recessed enough that you 'won't clip clop around ad-agency foyers' and can still use your toeclips if you want to retro-it into town.
Intense Tracer 29. You've seen it before, and it's not going away any time soon.
Intense had a brace of bikes painted to match F1 cars. Aim high, eh? Get the set.
How about an M9 to match your day-job's vehicle?
Gratuitous cyclocross bike shot. There's something nice about an Italian 'cross bike - even if the Belgians do it better.
POC gloves in an assortment of padding and armouring
From carbon knuckles to full XC-jey
An important button on a POC full face. It's designed to shear when there's too much rotational force on impact, allowing the outer shell to rotate and absorb the shock so your brain doesn't.
Stylish, super-duper high-tech protection? Or overly-designed stuff for riders with too much money? The age-old debate...
Chrome bags had a real-life tattoo artist on its booth. Apparently if you had a Chrome bags logo tattooed, you got a free bag.

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