Be A Better Rider Part 4: Heels

by singletrackjon 10

Our video series that attempts to make you get more fun out of your riding continues. This time we’ve taken a trip to North Wales to see Bob and Ally from Campbell Coaching who want you to start thinking about how you position your heels when you’re riding. Get them dropped…

If you’ve missed the other three parts then take a look at our Vimeo channel to catch up as well as seeing all the other nice things we’ve made…

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  1. trying to put it all together
    chin up
    legs wide
    heels out
    i look like a right twaat now

  2. oops
    heels down, not out, christ got it wrong already

  3. Easygirl, you might want to change either:

    Your user name


    Your comments.

    Currently you are an ‘easygirl’ who likes to have her chin up, her legs spread wide and her heels out.

    It’s an interesting image…..

  4. Don’t forget to relax…

  5. they dont call me easygirl for nowt
    my real name is marg
    cos i spread my legseasy

  6. Ally Campbell? UB40? ;0)

  7. WOW! That’s a bright paintjob on that Orange!

  8. Nice. Is that your squirt boating secret too 🙂

  9. Cheers everyone, Bob’s in Germany will let him know, and who’s UB40 😉

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