Eurobike: Scott and Pivot

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Scott always has a huge stand at Interbike – and as well as showing off bikes belonging to the likes of Cavendish and Schurter, they have towering displays of their latest machines.

Here’s a quick run through some of the highlights (though we’re off to see them this week too, so should be able to give you the full UK prices soon too!)

New winter boot from Scott. Looks like it should do the job of keeping your feet dry - and then warm when they're not dry...
Super sleek new Scott racing shoe. Lots of cutouts for ventilation and to help the uppers conform to your feet more.
Scott has a new insole system with removeable 'biscuits' for different heights of arch support
A BOA shoe in a less-racy design. Because it's not just racers that like the system.
Here's Scott's new superlight helmet. It breaks the magical 200g barrier but doesn't cost the earth.
As above, the Vanish helmet has loads of vents, weighs a claimed 190g and will cost £109.99

We'd have to say that when in full Scott livery, we much prefer the look of the Scale 29er over its 26in sibling. There, we've said it.
Nice isn't it? The 26in offers white tyre options though...
Scott's Gambler seems to be becoming one of the bike park bikes of choice.
Scott's Voltage (top) and Gambler (below) bikes. At a bike park near you.
My eyes! Many bright colours were on show at the, er, show.
Scott's new Genius LT (which we showed you in the summer) will be coming in aluminium as well as carbon.
185mm bikes are looking very normal these days.
The newly improved(tm) Matt, shows some of Scott's new performance-leisure clothing.
We know people (mainly Chipps) who'd wear this Bio Racer skinsuit.
Litespeed's Citico hardtail with many different shaped tubes.

Pivot Bicycles recently announced that Upgrade Bikes would be carrying its range in the UK. Here’s a quick look at what we can expect…

The Mach 5.7 is, as you might expect a 5.7in travel trail bike. It's been lightened for 2011, slackened a hair and now has a de-rigeur flared headtube.
The Mach 429 isn't a 4.29 bike, it's Pivot's 100mm travel, 29in bike.
The Mach 4: 100mm travel, features a DW Link, like the rest of the range, BB92, a carbon rocker and should come in under 22lbs.
The Phoenix lives on, and here's its big brother: the Phoenix DH.
Here's Matt and Jeff hard at working bringing you the details of all the bikes for a Singletrack Premier video.

EVOC – love it or hate it, the colours are very ‘on-trend’. Our office is divided between ‘Great! Looks very post-new-rave!’ and ‘Eugh! 1980’s French-exchange student rucksack’

There'll be no missing your bag on the baggage carousel...
They now sponsor Steve Peat, doncha know?
Gratuitous shot of a Cube road bike. There were some lovely, lovely road (and 'cross) bikes on show at Eurobike. See our pals at for more of them.
Buzzed by a Zeppelin. The Zeppelin hanger was used for exhibition space as the show has outgrown the many halls there. As a result, the homeless and grumpy Zeppelin was often seen buzzing the show.

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