The Hiraethog 50:50

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Ever been riding up a climb and thought it would have made a better descent? The Hiraethog 50:50 is a new format of enduro ride being held in North Wales that will let you answer that question for yourself.

Taking it’s name from the high moorland between Conwy and the Vale of Clywd in North Wales where the event will take place, the Hiraethog 50:50 is a two day event that takes in 50 miles on the first day before you stop to camp overnight. Riders will then ride the same 50 miles in reverse on the second day.

Singletrack Hiraethog 50:50 Map
A big ride on Proper Hills (TM)

The event has been organised by an team that includes Pat Adams of SITS fame and with the support of the longstanding North Wales Mountain Bike Association who previously organised the 50 mile Cyffylliog Challenge in the area. Singletrack are on board as a sponsor and Web Person Jon will be attending and reporting back.

With almost 6,000ft of climbing per day the course will cover a huge area including the vast 40 square mile Clocaenog Forest and if the late August weather holds good riders be be able to enjoy amazing views of Snowdonia as well as the Clywdian and Berwyn mountain ranges.

Singletrack Hiraethog 50:50 Course Profile
It's a fair old bit of climbing...

Those big numbers shouldn’t put people off entering the event, indeed the organisers say the opposite.

“This endurance event is not going to see if it can break the spirit or see how few can survive to the last mile, but to allow every participant, whatever their ability, to meet their own personal goals and challenges.”

There will be regular checkpoints where riders can rest, refuel or repair bikes as necessary and for those who don’t fancy the full distance, there is the option to just ride 50 miles on the Sunday.

For more information or to enter, take a look at or join the Facebook group for more news as it happens.

Just a quick note for anyone that has already downloaded an entry form; the address on the entry form was incorrect and said “Hayfield” when it should have been “Highfield”. The form has been corrected now though…

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