2011 Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera

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We’ve just got news from the guys over at Windwave, it’s the new 2011 lightweight XC fork from Marzocchi, the Corsa Super Leggera. Here’s the press release:

For 2011 the Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera has been completely re-designed and at 1490 grams it is the lightest Marzocchi for a generation!

Marzocchi Corsa SL
It's coil-alike apparently...

Every part has been designed with optimization. Marzocchi spent a whole year and looked at every detail, analyzed it via FEA and FEM and the result are parts that are specifically designed, gram-for-gram to deliver optimized performance.

The result is a 1490 gram open bath purpose built race fork with all the bells and whistles and 100% durability. The all new Corsa Super leggera, the start of something completely new for 2011.

2011 technology

AER: 2011 Air systems
Completely re-engineered, the 2011 Air system is designed to out-perform all other air systems on the market with coil-alike plushness. The low pressure system keeps the seals sliding smoothly on the stanchions avoiding any friction. Plus, the fixed piston in the closed cartridge helps to reduce weight thanks to the less oil quantity needed in the complete system.

TST Micro:
Slightly redesigned to reach perfection the TST Micro is the greatest evolution of our closed cartridge hydraulic system. The red knob on the lower part of the fork leg allows adjusting the rebound, the black top black lever activates the Micro system controlling the compression. The Micro adjustment located in the middle of the top left knob sets the threshold valve in order to offer the maximum traction and control on any terrain and combining it with any riding style. Lockout is activated by turning the Micro knob completely to the closed position, then shifting the black lever clockwise or shifting on the remote control to the lock position.

·         1480 grams light
·         TST Micro Damper with lock out
·         New low pressure AER system that’s reliable and easy to adjust
·         Remote control bar mount
·         80mm or 100mm travel adjustable via internal spacer
·         Nickel alloy 32mm stanchions
·         New optimised Magnesium lower, light and stiff with 9mm drop out.

Colours; Ltd Ed Race Red, White

Warranty; 3 years with no service stipulations.

SSP; £569.95

Availability; July 2010

Just to keep weight weenies everywhere happy, the 2010 Fox 32 F100 is claimed at 1,500g, the Rock Shox SID  World Cup XX is at 1,400g and the scary light DT Swiss XRC 100 Race is 1,170g….

As it happens, the next issue of Singletrack, number 58, will feature a group test of XC race forks so you can see how they all stack up against each other then.

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    Aren’t FEA and FEM kind of the same thing?

    Pretty good going to get an open bath fork that light. Though I did think that TST Micro was a cartridge based system?

    Obviously I can’t read, it says as much in the article. I thought open bath meant that the lowers and damper shared the oil…?

    “Warranty; 3 years with no service stipulations.”

    That’s a reasonable price compared to everyone else’s topline forks.

    It gets lighter throughout the article, starts at 1490, then goes to 1480, by the time it makes it onto your bike it’ll probably be lighter than the DT!

    sorry to say, but looks cheap.

    don’t like.

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