The New MSC Bikes Hunter

by Ben Haworth 7

Here are some images of the new MSC Bikes Hunter, it will be available in late April/early May, prices will vary from £2,800 – £5,000. Frame only (inc. Fox RP23) will be £1,549.

David Vasquez will be coming over in May to defend his victory in the Avalanche Enduro at Ae forest on a Hunter.

MSC Hunter

MSC Hunter

Here’s some screengrabs from the Press Pack…

Comments (7)

  1. Nice looking bike, buts whats with the odd looking rider in the add?

  2. Thats what people look like when they are shredding apparently!

  3. or maybe he brought the 5k version and didnt have and cash left for some decent bike clothing lol

  4. He’s riding in Spain, so the golden thing in the sky is out, it’s prob’s 25+ where he is.

  5. Actually says he’s in France, in the caption…

  6. Bike looks nice, quite tasteful for something with lots of gold bits.

    I don’t get the comments about the rider? What’s wrong? Does he need to be wearing an On-One jersey to make you lot happy?

    Or am I missing an in-joke?

  7. OOOPS, He normally rides and tests in Spain, missed the “Chamonix” in the photo.

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