Chris Akrigg’s 2nd Attempt at Riding Fixed

by Matt Letch 31

Yes, yes, complain about the tight trousers etc – but once you’re over that check the video…

Chris: “So here i go again. This is my second attempt at riding the fixed bike (the Mongoose Maurice) . All filmed on a recent trip to Barcelona, Enjoy…”

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  1. Bananas. Totally bananas.

  2. Check it at the end… hands!!!

  3. Ed Tongue – that rings a bell as well! Presumably thats the trials rider.

    Seems nicely and sturdily built that mongoose!

  4. Will somebody please tell me how to bunnyhop on a fixie…?

  5. He has more skill in the whole of his body than I have in my little finger. FACT.

  6. <>

    yer me two – last time i attempted it nearly ended up uner a bus!

  7. He has more skill in the whole of his body than I have in my little finger. FACT.?

    should be the other way round surely

  8. Brillint skill undoubtedly, but you have to wonder would he have bothered doing his thing on a large wheeled fixed bike if it weren’t for his sponsors?

  9. I just thought that MrsSparkle was a very lucky lady…..

  10. Have I missed something?? Some of it was OK but seemed quite tame except for the 3 at the end and a few other bits.

  11. Ever ridden a fixie?

  12. Nobody seems to have commented on his lack of helmet….

  13. Nope – that’s why I ask if I’ve missed something… like how hard is it to ride a fixie…

  14. yeah. i’m impressed. especially with what looked to be a teleport up into a manual at 2:45ish.
    ed tongue too? wonder if it is the same bloke.
    And i think its not all sponsor pushed. he seems like the type who enjoys these challenges. mongoose probably said “we’ve got a fixie if you want another bike in the shed?” and he had a go? he was doing brakeless trials too which was probably his idea.

  15. i wonder how many rear wheels he got through?

  16. Bushwacked…fixie riding is easy…on a smooth track or road, where you can plan where you will stop, where you have plenty of time to kickback the pedals to slow down…etc…It’s great fun on the track but probably a bit trickier like this!

  17. Impressive riding, and much better than most of the hipsters you see doing it. That said – brakeless AND no foot retention on the road? That’s dumb.

  18. i ride my fixie to skool most days,, just have to say the mantra “keep pedaling keep pedaling keep pedaling”

    i think it has improved my normal riding teaches you everything from spinning at 120 plus rpm to slogging up hills in silly gears,, great for a season of single speed

    but look at my earlier link for some real trick riding on a fixed wheel bike and it feature a girl in sparkly lycra if that helps

  19. Akrigg is such a legend. Love it how he shows the crashes and the failed attempts…

  20. And maybe he’ll split his head open next time.

  21. Dunno about a helmet but it looks like he could have benefited from some sort of nutsack protection…

  22. Glad someone has commented about not wearing a helmet. Great vid and all but when people see a sponsored rider performing tricks and stunts without wearing just the basic of protection it sends out the wrong message that is is cool to blast around without a helmet.
    thought they are advocates of the sport/riding for young riders or am i just being an old moany git?

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