Win A Canadian Olympic Hockey Kit From Norco.. And a Stick..

by Nathan 20

As most of you know, the Winter Olympics have been going on Canada and, to help boost the Olympic spirit (and to celebrate their victory over the Yankee Doodles), we’ve got a very special giveaway.

Courtesy of our friends at Fisher Outdoor  and Norco, we have a Canada Ice hockey give away bonanza.

You can win a replica Canada Ice Hockey Jersey, a team Canada Jacket and a signed Ice Hockey stick – as modelled by our resident defensive destroyer Chipps.

Chipps Has a Nasty Splinter.

To win, simply answer the following question correctly.

What discipline did Amy Williams win a Gold medal for Team GB in at this years Winter Olympics?

A/ Bobsleigh
B/ Skeleton
C/ Luge

Send your answer, with your name and address to

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  1. Deadline for entries?

  2. Do you need time to work out the answer? 🙂

  3. Up to the deadline there is a remote chance I could win….

  4. Deadline: end of this week (March 5th) 🙂

  5. The Canada v USA hockey final; what a game!

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