Zyro Open House: Report 6

by Ben Haworth 22


Altura “Apex” baggy short. Stretch crotch and rear panels. Removable inner short with Progel pad. Leg vents. Side pockets. Rear waist adjusters. Just that little bit more rufty-tufty than their “Mayhem” short.


Altura “Semi Dry” 3/4 baggy shorts. Waterproof rear panels and taped seams. Non-waterproof at the front. Waterproof stretchy buttock-tops area. Articulated knees. Adjustable leg openings.


Altura “Flexx Stretch” baggy short. Stetchy as the name suggests. Hand pockets and zipped rear pocket. Available with or without a removable padded inner short.


A new “convertible” zip-off sleeve jersey. One zip per shoulder, sleeves come off together (joined together by across-the-shoulder yoke panel). Not available just yet but hopefully released in time for Summer.


Altura “Classic” short sleeve jersey. Retro styling. Modern material. Long front zip. 3 rear pockets. Only available in black…


…and here’s the mitt to match the retro jersey.


Altura “Quantum Tee” jersey. A ladies version of the men’s “Mayhem Tee”. Loose fit riding top. Available in brown/blue (pictured) or black.


Yes, it’s a folding bike. Unlike a lot of other diddy wheeled folders, the Dahon Ios XL sports 24in hoops and it’s not much bigger (when folded) than a 20in wheeler. It also had a couple of features that caught our eye…


A snap-over chain cover. We think this product should be available on its own as it’s ideal for fitting to singlespeed or hub-geared bikes with trouser-killing oily chains that get occasionally/frequently used for commuting on.


Dahon’s “Biologic Postpump” seatpost. It’s a track pump in a seat post. Cool in its own way.

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  1. Snap on chain covers were al teh rage for the bmx boys in the late 70’s early 80’s. I’m sure if someone did them in funky colours the fixie brigade would lap them up

  2. is this the ZYRO site I thought I clicked singletrack mag!

  3. Apologies for going to a large UK distributor’s show and reporting back.

  4. Cool, I look forward to the coverage of all of the distributors @ CORE and the stuff from ICEBIKE covered in the same depth, much more interested in there stuff…

  5. Chipps, Matt and Sim will do their best for you 🙂

  6. that should give you about 60 pages of content from CORE then if everyone gets 6 pages each – nice one look forward to it!

  7. As with the Zyro coverage, if we feel the product is interesting to our audience then it’ll get covered. I’m afraid it’s nothing more conspiratorial than that. I could have done another 2 or 3 stories about the stuff Zyro do that I didn’t feel was of interest to our audience.

  8. totally impartial, not employed by anyone in the trade… I am surprise you feel folding bikes are of interest to your readers, as stated by younggeoff chain covers are nothing new, nor 24″ folders or seatpin pumps…

    I look forward to see what you feel your readship is interested in from the rest of the shows…;)

  9. Chain covers were news to me (and probably a lot of other people). We have a large percentage of users who commute (about a third going off our last survey). Seatpin pump simply struck me as being rather cool and interesting.

    Again, apologies for doing too much coverage(!) 😉

  10. Never too much Benji as long as everyone gets the same! especially looking forward to the DAKINE, HOPE and Alpinestars pages from CORE… 😉

  11. Knowing Sim’s fondness for Dakine’s stuff I wouldn’t worry 😉

  12. Sorry got muddled there, not DAKINE unfortunately not at CORE, but SOMBRIO are, and DMR, etc…

    Can we see some more clothing from DAKINE anyways, so cool…

  13. Anyone else notice the full suss 24″ folder behind and to the right of the featured bike?

  14. Seat post pump eh? I still have an Oydessy Aerator seat pin pump in the parts box at home. Must be getting on for twenty years old that! That one does look a tad easier to use though.

  15. I thought the coverage was excellent Benji, nice one 🙂

  16. “Anyone else notice the full suss 24″ folder behind and to the right of the featured bike?”

    looks like the 20″ wheeled “jetstream”.

    That chain cover looks great, where can i get one!?!

  17. that chain cover is just some split cable conduit, cunning use though.

  18. Chaincover would be nice on my SS commute… if only they did them coloured (as younggeoff said)

  19. Aye, I remember having a red chain cover on my BMX as a lad. My brother had a yellow one. They get oily and mucky and don’t look so nice pretty quick though.

  20. Benji – thanks. I for one appreciate having fresh bike-related info delivered to my desktop on a daily basis. I don’t really give a stuff how much coverage one company gets compared to others because I’m genuinely interested in it all!

    I don’t pay for the content on this part of the website so if I like it – bonus. If I don’t then I an go and look at something else…

    Can’t do right for doing wrong, eh?!

  21. Sim and I are back from Core – nothing to report though ;] .

    There might be a few bits…… NA Dakine weren’t there but we did a full story here


    On all there new stuff ;]

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