Zyro Open House: Report 5

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Cateye “Adventure Wireless” cycle computer and altimeter. Measures your altitude via barometric pressure (like Suunto watches). Can also work out what the gradient is that you’re riding. As with a lot of Cateye’s higher-end computers the “body is the button” ie. you push the whole computer to cycle through the different functions.


Cateye concentrate a lot of their efforts into the commuter market. The new “Commuter” computer has a neat “Estimated Time Of Arrival” function (similar to those found on car SatNavs) so you can see if you need to speed up or slow down to get to work on time. On the back of the light is an easy-to-find rubbery button for illuminating the display (for 3 seconds). With certain Cateye computers, combined with Cateye’s “World Commute” website, you can keep a tally (and showoff) your mileage, co2 offset, calories burned etc.


Cateye “Loop Lights”. Similar in idea to other easy-to-attach/remove rubbery LED out there. Arguably not as neat or cute but these have much better side-on and all-round visibility. Very easy to use “squeeze the whole body” operation as well. We like.


Cateye Strada Wireless computer now available in lots of different colours. Here’s the best colour.


If you look closely at Cateye’s front LED lights you can see how they mount the LED close to to the lens but have it pointing backwards into the reflector. The idea being to minimise loss of illumination from the LED “bulb”.


Cateye “Orbit Lights”. Spoke-mounted orange-LED lights for increasing your side-on visibility. A great idea seeing as a large proportion of road accidents involve cyclists being struck from the side.


Cateye have something very special coming out later this year for the MTB market. Here’s how it looks during R&D. Anyone remember the Stadium..?

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