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If one of your New Year Resolutions is to start riding in to work then this bike test is for you. Or if you just want to scam a cheap bike out of your employer this bike test is also for you!

Looking at the bikes in this test, you may be wondering how we chose them. They are three very different bikes it has to be said. Well, we wanted to illustrate the different types of off-road capable bikes you could get through the Cycle to Work Scheme. So we have the Boardman Team FS to represent the “as much MTB as you can blag for a penny under the £1000 limit” option. The Genesis Day One ‘Cross as the super-stylin’ “fashionista faux-fixie” option. And the KHS Tucson as the “29er curious” option.

What is the Cycle to Work Scheme? Well, the Cycle to Work Scheme is a tax incentive aimed at encouraging people to cycle to work. Put bluntly your boss buys you a bike at a discounted tax-free price and you pay them back in installments taken out of your pay. Go to for more info.

First up, we have the Boardman Team FS…

boardman Boardman Team FS
Price: £999.99
From: Halfords
Weight: 28.3 lbs

We couldn’t really do a Cycle to Work Scheme themed bike test without featuring Halfords. They are by far the biggest and most popular retailer involved in the scheme. Their own-brand of bikes is named after Chris Boardman MBE who it’s fair to say doesn’t have as big a name in mountain biking as he does with road cycling.

Seeing as all Boardman bikes are incredibly well-specced for their price tags, we thought we’d see just how much mountain bike you can get for a penny under the scheme’s £1000 limit. But is this Team FS just an exercise in purchasing-power or is it a decent handling mountain bike as well?

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    But is this Team FS just an exercise in purchasing-power or is it a decent handling mountain bike as well?

    Sorry! Only Premier Users can see this content

    leave us mere mortals in suspense would you!

    is there no way of seeing that without the premier option, or is it in the mag?

    It’ll be in the mag I suspect given the ‘3 bike test’ blurb.

    I did think they were goign to flag ‘mag spoiler’ content, though.

    And if you’re a bit embarrassed about riding a Halfords bike (I’m not, I have a Boardman HT), just get the frame powdercoated and it will still be miles cheaper than similar bikes.

    Wwaswas – we did say we’d flag then “Mag Spoiler” didn’t we? Oops! I’ll amend the title now. Sorry! :-/


    “Mag Spoiler” or “Mag Preview”? What do y’all prefer?

    but then when the mag comes out it’s not a preview anymore 😉

    maybe just ‘From the Mag’ or ‘Mag Content’?

    I’m kinda liking the drama of “Mag Spoiler” myself…

    Why isn’t the picture tagged as beardman?

    Good job ive got a subscription i dont need to sign up as premier now….

    Brother_Will – If you’re a Subscriber you get free access to Premier content (mag spoilers, extra content and web extras) and website function. Have a look at the Premier tab up there ^^^

    About to buy one of these, do we reckon 16 stone is heavy?

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