Singletrack Issue 55 – What’s in it?

by Ben Haworth 15

The high street version. Photo by John Gibson.
The high street version. Photo by John Gibson.
The Subscriber and bike shop version.
The Subscriber and bike shop version.
Contents shot taken by Chipps.
Contents shot taken by Chipps.

Here’s the contents in a slightly more legible font size…

7. Editorial
Chipps uncovers the secret to summer fitness. It’s called ‘winter bike riding’.

8. Finding New Nowheres
Riding technical singletrack loaded with camping gear is finally possible, so reckons Aaron Teasdale.

16. Sleeping with Ghosts
Dave, Sim and Oli ride an overnight adventure into the slate quarries of Wales.

24. Interview: Tracy Moseley
Now on the Trek global team, this perennial downhiller talks to Benji about her rise through the ranks and ‘proper’ training.

30. Column – Geoff Johnson
How many bikes is too many? Most of them, reckons Geoff.

33. Bike Test – Cyclescheme Bikes
Three disparate bikes that come under the magic £1000 ride-to-work scheme from Boardman, Genesis and KHS.

42. Column – Prioritise This!
Benji praises those ‘far but nearby’ trails that we ignore in favour of more famous trails further afield.

44. Through the Grinder
Ten pages of real products tested in the real world.

56. Dan Milner Photo Gallery
Chamonix-based Dan pics his favourite ever photos in this stunning gallery.

64. 2010 Lighting roundup.
Everything’s gone LED – here’s a look at some of the latest, neatest lights for 2010.

72. Column: Steve Makin
Steve uses the ‘time slowing down’ moment before flipping over the bars to examine the anatomy of a crash.

74. SRAM Photo Competition
Always dreamed of a shot at the ‘Staff Photographer’ role? We’ve teamed up with SRAM where you can win just that gig for a weekend.

76. Subscribe to Singletrack
A world of benefits awaits you.

78. Grouptest – Baggy 3/4s
Chipps rounds up a dozen below-knee shorts for men and women.

82. Long Termers
It’s a fresh new season and the Singletrack team has been building up a new collection of bikes that you’ll be able to follow online.

86. Alfine vs Rohloff
A Thorn Sterling and a Charge Duster 8 are the test beds for this ‘Which hub-gear do I need’ shootout.

90. What is Singletrack Premier?
Thinks of it as the DVD Bonus Features extra disc for the magazine. All the behind the scenes and extra bits that didn’t make the mag.

92. Blame the Dog
Mike Ferrentino vents his spleen over facial hair stereotyping. Or at least we think that’s what he said.

96. Training for your first 100km event
Fitness basics with Matt Hart. Just in time to prepare for the summer!

100. Route Guide: Eastern Peaks
A lesser overrun bit of the Peak District, and a glimpse into where all new Cotic bike prototypes get tested by Cy.

111. Outro
Silly pictures. Silly people.

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  1. When will you have a review of the blue Mmmbop I saw piccies of a few months ago?

  2. Great contents picture, is that Wales, it looks very familiar! (Yes I know it’s a forest ad we have lots of them in the UK, but still…)

  3. BB – Not for a while. A lot of bikes in front of it in the queue at the mo!

  4. Just googled aaron teasdale, loads of pics of him bikepacking, that could be interesting

  5. Have you been reading my mind again? Thais and the last couple of mags could have been written for me.

  6. Must say that though generally the subs cover is better than the WHSmith version, this is the first cover that has really hit me in the face as being a quantum leap improvement. Very nice.

  7. Another whens it out in tesco/smiths/bike shops?

  8. What jacket is the rider on the cover wearing? Really liking the look of that.

  9. Does it have pictures of the new XTR then?

  10. Are you intentionally making the street version hideous so that more people subscribe? That is properly horrible.

  11. Last edition was the best for a while and this looks like another ‘written for me’ edition. If only my shoulder would mend and I could get out riding…

  12. glad I’m a subscriber

  13. I subscribed yesterday (26th Jan) Will I get this one delivered or will I have to buy it? 🙂

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